Links 6/20/20

Links for you. Science:

Spate of new research supports wearing masks to control coronavirus spread (the PNAS study is not good though)
Is re-instituting lockdowns necessary to stop rapidly rising #COVID19 cases globally? Answer: No. But we’re failing at 2 other approaches, due to poor messaging, human behavior, and limited public health capacity.
Clusters of Coronavirus Disease in Communities, Japan, January–April 2020
Amateur epidemiology is deterring our covid-19 response. Here’s what we should do instead.
Two infected Missouri hairstylists were wearing masks. None of their 140 customers, also masked, got COVID-19.


An Open Letter to Black Washington Redskins Fans
‘Super proud’: Meet the artist behind the new Black Lives Matter Plaza sign
Pandemic and police killings reveal brutal status quo. We can fix this. Why won’t we?
Muriel Bowser: The protests show why D.C. statehood matters
Election Data Sits in a Database: County Election Office Is Denied Access
The mysterious origins of an uncrackable video game
Neil Gorsuch Just Handed Down a Historic Victory for LGBTQ Rights. An unlikely majority followed a straightforward legal theory to outlaw anti-LGBTQ workplace discrimination.
I Was Fired for Telling the Truth About Amazon. I Made Sure They Won’t Forget Me.
American Indian tribes thwarted in efforts to get coronavirus data
Expecting Students to Play It Safe if Colleges Reopen Is a Fantasy: Safety plans border on delusional and could lead to outbreaks of Covid-19 among students, faculty and staff.
The New York Times is More Powerful Than Ever: The Gray Lady’s endorsements in the upcoming June primaries are closely watched – for good reason
Residents And Activists Tell D.C. Council To Reject Bowser’s Police Budget Increase
Bargaining Against the Common Good: On the problem of police unions
Cities Grew Safer. Police Budgets Kept Growing.
Why Joe Biden Should Look to His Left. Progressive ideas don’t just turn out the vote. They win votes.
We Ran the CDC. Here’s How to Talk to the Public in a Health Crisis.
Top Pentagon policy nominee has a history of Islamophobic and offensive comments
Keith Ellison, Once An Activist, Meets His Moment As Minnesota’s Top Prosecutor
As coronavirus kills indigenous people in the Amazon, Brazil’s government goes missing
Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police
American National Pride Is at a 20-Year Low. It Should Be, and It Must Be.

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