Links 6/19/20

Links for you. Science:

Contact tracing is ‘best’ tool we have until there’s a vaccine, health experts say (and water is wet…)
The statistical paradox of police killings. In the numbers of fatal encounters with the cops, one kind of discrimination masks another.
Political and Social Correlates of Covid-19 Mortality (pdf)
Public health workers fighting virus face growing threats
High blood pressure drugs apparently don’t add to covid-19 danger as earlier feared


So, I think Yascha Mounk article in The Atlantic is some ways a needed cry for help, of despair, but it starts to ‘both sides’ the COVID-19 epidemic in the US, which I think is unfortunate and unhelpful. (must-read)
Conservatives Made It Easier for Coronavirus to Spread: How red states left their blue cities ill-prepared to handle a pandemic.
This isn’t 1968. It’s 1969.
You Don’t Have to Publish Both Sides When One Side Is Fascism
Low-balling the Chelsea population threatens the state’s coronavirus epicenter. The COVID-19 crisis struck right when the 2020 Census was getting into high gear. And Chelsea, which already had a preexisting population undercount, stands to be disproportionately punished — again.
How Fox News lost the Black Lives Matter debate: A nation turns its back on Murdoch
Anna Wintour Isn’t Going To Cancel Herself
No, Melania Trump doesn’t want to be free
Black workers are twice as likely to have seen coronavirus-related retaliation by bosses
John Bolton made a tragic mistake. It’s not the one you might think.
‘Antifa’ is not the demonic force Trump wants you to think it is. It’s just ordinary people
As the pandemic rages on, I’m grateful to be in almost-normal New Zealand
What Will Replace the Minneapolis Police? The City’s Native American Community Has Some Ideas.
Racism Doesn’t Blink: The public performance of white supremacy is key to upholding it.
Protests Turn Spotlight on Powerful Police Unions Blocking Reform
It’s time to kick police unions out of the labor movement. They aren’t allies: Let’s put police unions on a raft and set them adrift. They can reapply for solidarity if they stop abusing the rest of us
Newsrooms Are in Revolt. The Bosses Are in Their Country Houses. Those who can afford it left the city, shining a spotlight on class divisions in the media.
Fear of Public Transit Got Ahead of the Evidence. Many have blamed subways and buses for coronavirus outbreaks, but a growing body of research suggests otherwise.
Toward Neutral Principles of Anti-Anti Trumpism
Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Upjohn Company Corporate Headquarters (1961, Demolished) Kalamazoo, MI
The Illusion of a Rapid US Recovery

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