Links 6/16/20

Links for you. Science:

The Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine Runs on Horseshoe Crab Blood
“Merit” and the NIH disparity of grant award to Black PIs
NCBI SARS-CoV-2 Resources
Coronavirus came to UK ‘on at least 1,300 separate occasions’
For Experts Who Study Coronaviruses, a Grim Vindication


Defunding the Police Is Not Nearly Enough (excellent)
The Tom Cotton op-ed affair shows why the media must defend America’s values (also excellent)
D.C. police reform measures make it easier to fire officers for misconduct, expand civilian review over force (the Council seems to be getting it somewhat)
Hedge fund manager stands to profit on ‘flip’ of taxpayer-funded coronavirus drug: Emory University’s coronavirus pill EIDD-2801 highlights financial speculation on drugs developed with public investment
Disband The Tone Police: The revolution will not be poll tested
Ohio Republican and ER doctor asks if hand-washing explains COVID-19 rates in ‘colored population’
Are We Going to ‘Both Sides’ Ourselves Into Oblivion?
The Cycle of Civilization and the Twilight of Neoliberalism
They Listed Breonna Taylor’s Injuries as ‘None’: Louisville police filed a false report, and they might’ve gotten away with it if not for the mass movement now rising in America’s streets.
White students exposed to more minority peers are less likely to register as Republicans, study says
Support For Defunding The Police Department Is Growing. Here’s Why It’s Not A Silver Bullet. Past budget cuts have had unintended consequences. Now, proponents say it’s time to fundamentally reimagine the role of the police.
American Psycho: Jared Kushner—climber, sycophant, snob—is the perfect avatar of elite incompetence for our times.
“Thank God for Slavery”: The Words of a Florida Democrat. No, Really. Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse.
Chicago Cops Burglarized U.S. Rep’s Office as Protest Raged. They Made Popcorn, Drank Coffee, Napped.
Public-Health Experts Are Not Hypocrites: Health is about more than simply remaining free of coronavirus infection.
I love ‘Gone with the Wind’ because it reminds us the South lost: The movie is a racist fantasy. But watching Scarlet O’Hara’s world burn is catharsis.
Why Won’t The Protesters Take Advice From Me
Journalism’s Top Ethics Expert Isn’t Concerned With Right and Wrong
Biden is doing worse than Clinton among Hispanic voters (needs to get Tio Bernie to help)
How the Far-Right Boogaloo Movement Is Trying to Hijack Anti-Racist Protests for a Race War
The Breaking Point: Black men and women are still dying across the country. The power that is American policing has conceded nothing.

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