Links 6/14/20

Links for you. Science:

Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent Covid-19 infection if exposed, study says
Shutdowns prevented 60 million coronavirus infections in the U.S., study finds
The seventy two percent solution (to police violence)
Most Hospitalized COVID Patients Have Neurologic Symptoms
Scientists Around the World are Already Fighting the Next Pandemic


D.C. toughens officer hiring and discipline, as wave of police reform sweeps the U.S.
If it ain’t broke: You share your oldest working gadgets
Cities May Have No Choice But to Defund the Police: By creating state budget crises amid nationwide protests, Mitch McConnell may be accelerating cuts to local police departments.
The Elevator Arises As The Latest Logjam In Getting Back To Work
In New York, Protesters’ Pride Beats Police Brutality
A Bitter Election. Accusations of Fraud. And Now Second Thoughts. A close look at Bolivian election data suggests an initial analysis by the O.A.S. that raised questions of vote-rigging — and helped force out a president — was flawed.
Alexis Johnson Isn’t Covering Pittsburgh’s Protests Right Now. The Reason Is Maddening.
I was one of the “Good Apples”: a tale of complicity
Some Democrats Are Highly Adept at Losing Battles That Haven’t Begun Yet
Tearing Down These Monuments Doesn’t Erase History. It Rescues History.
‘Antifa buses!’ Panicked armed men hit small-town streets across America to fend off imagined hordes
Why ‘I’m Not Racist’ Isn’t Good Enough
Truly, Truly Good News As Americans Get Serious
Bill de Blasio Promised to Change the NYPD. His Courage Failed Him, And Us.
Smithsonian Curators Are Beginning The Process Of Collecting Signs, Art, And Stories From D.C. Protests
Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop
What Is Qualified Immunity, and What Does It Have to Do With Police Reform?
The Disappearing Backlash to Black Lives Matter
Donald Trump, Like the Confederacy, Is Picking the Wrong Hill to Die On: All your bases are belong to the US.

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