Policing and the Long-Term Problem Democrats Face

I won’t say I’m not worried about the 2020 presidential election–even though things are looking good for Biden, the stakes are existential and far too high to be complacent. But a point Ed at Gin and Tacos made about policing is one example of the long-term problem Democrats face (boldface mine):

When it comes to the problems with policing in this country, Democrats seem fundamentally unable to conceive of themselves as a big part of the problem. At best there is an argument about the Republicans being worse – which is true, and is almost universally true – that is used to deflect criticism. It is necessary to face up to the reality that many of the places with the worst problems with police violence are, and have been, controlled by Democrats at the local level for a long time. If you look at protesters and don’t understand why they burn property rather than channel their anger into voting, the very obvious answer is that there is no imaginary future in which voting for Joe Biden and whoever they just elected Mayor will actually solve the problem. Republicans offer pure authoritarianism – they actively *encourage* police to be brutal – while Democrats have done nothing to stop them, or in many cases abetted them.

In my lifetime Chicago has elected one Democratic mayor after another, backed by a lockstep Democratic county board and city council and a veto-proof Democratic state legislature in many cases. All that has happened with the Chicago PD is that it has gotten worse. Much the same can be said for Minneapolis, St. Louis, New York, Los Angeles, and other places with notoriously bad police departments.

For decades Democrats have offered solutions that simply do not work. Training sessions that are ignored. Rules and regulations that are not followed. Oversight boards that do little more than rubber-stamp police. Always something technocratic, always something that sounds like a waste of time and money the moment it hits people’s ears. People have been getting Oversight Boards and Investigations and Committees for as long as anyone can remember, and it has done nothing. With regularity, another person’s name becomes a hashtag and a horrible video.

So when you watch senseless rioting and think “Well VOTE, silly!” is an answer, consider what the ostensibly liberal party has achieved on this issue and imagine how hollow that has to sound to the people most directly affected by police brutality

Democrats have exhausted the number of times they can tell people, vote for us now and we will deliver for you later. Deliver, and cynical non-voters will come back. And most of all, stop framing police violence as an issue where We are good and virtuous while the GOP is evil. The second half of that statement is true, but if you believe the first is then your mindset is part of the problem.

In 2020, certainly at the presidential level, the election–and likely much of the down ballot voting, will be a referendum on Trump. But if Democrats do win, and want to hold power past 2022–and we need several Democratic presidential terms to root out Trumpism–then they are going to have to deliver. This can’t just be at the national level either: local and state Democrats actually have to govern.

The work is just beginning.

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  2. Louis Sclafani says:

    I would make a change to the subject title. I would insert in parenthesis, “…Problem (Dixie) Democrat’s Face.” Oh yes, many blacks in that group. Racism is lucrative and $$$ is colorblind!

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