Links 6/6/20

Links for you. Science:

Trees are Getting Shorter and Younger
Eye-catching advances in some AI fields are not real
The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 in Europe and the US (“Our analyses reveal an extended period of missed opportunity when intensive testing and contact tracing could have prevented SARS-CoV-2 from becoming established in the US and Europe.”)
Scientists tackle starfish plagues on endangered Great Barrier Reef
It’s Not Whether You Were Exposed to the Virus. It’s How Much.


To President Trump: You should resign now. He lacks the character, maturity and judgment to lead the country in a perilous time.
To our friends in national media who will be covering Mayor Bowser’s large “Black Lives Matter” street painting / renamed intersection—welcome! And a few notes for context
I Can’t Breathe: Braving Tear Gas in a Pandemic: How a counterproductive crowd-control tactic could make the outbreak worse
How the Protests Have Changed the Pandemic. Mass demonstrations in all fifty states have upended reopening timetables and altered the meaning of the antiviral fight.
Trump’s ‘ANTIFA’ Threat Is Total Bullshit—And Totally Dangerous
From Minneapolis to broken streets of Philly, the ‘human capital stock’ has finally had enough
How Dangerous Is It to Protest During a Pandemic? Large gatherings can spread COVID-19, especially as people shout and confront police — but there are ways to mitigate the risk of transmission
There’s One Big Reason Why Police Brutality Is So Common In The US. And That’s The Police Unions.
History Will Judge the Complicit. Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president?
Let me tell how many live in fear of the “Bret Stephens Policy.” So many have been contacted by editors because Brett has whined or complained.
Defund the Police: America needs to rethink its priorities for the whole criminal-justice system.
I’m a Minneapolis City Council Member. We Must Disband the Police—Here’s What Could Come Next
The Movement To Defund D.C. Police: In the wake of protests over police brutality, some are left asking whether the D.C. police force’s budget is too big and oversight of the department is too meager.
This Summer Will Scar Young Americans for Life
‘New York Times’ Staffers Grill Leadership Over Tom Cotton Op-Ed During All-Hands
‘Boogaloo Bois’ arrested en route to Las Vegas protest with arsenal of Molotov cocktails
Trump Is a Spent Force and Should Step Aside
Bill de Blasio Has Failed the Test of This Moment
New York’s mayor has floundered in the face of stunning police violence—just like so many other mayors who aren’t prepared to rein in the cops.
New Trump Appointee to Foreign Aid Agency Has Denounced Liberal Democracy and “Our Homo-Empire”
Derek Chauvin Accused of Fraudulently Voting in Florida Despite Living in Minnesota
I spent a good portion of my time on Twitter arguing with people who thought that the support of Black Lives Matter protests by public health experts and healthcare workers was hypocritical, risked our credibility, as these events risk SARS-CoV-2 transmission.

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