Links 5/29/20

Links for you. Science:

After Coronavirus, Office Workers Might Face Unexpected Health Threats: Stagnant plumbing systems in emptied commercial buildings could put returning employees at risk of Legionnaires’ and other illnesses.
Why one published research finding is misleading
Washing your hands is better than disposable gloves for preventing COVID-19 spread, Public Health says
‘It’s something I have never seen’: How the Covid-19 virus hijacks cells
SPHERES: SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing for Public Health Emergency Response, Epidemiology, and Surveillance


COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Surge: The Impact of Wisconsin’s In-Person Primary Vote (seems consistent with time series data)
Outraged by Crowded Pool Parties? Just Wait Until Sports Come Back.
Coronavirus Bad Look at Grandview Medical Center ER in Birmingham, Alabama (we’re going to be so screwed…)
Life in Hell: Online Teaching
How to Safely Travel on Mass Transit During Coronavirus
Larry Kramer, playwright and AIDS activist, dies at 84
At last, a climate policy platform that can unite the left
2020 D.C. Democratic Primary Election Guide
Grand Designs: Can the affordable-housing movement redeem its past failures?
‘I Don’t Want To Go Back To That Hell Hole’: During the coronavirus pandemic, people experiencing homelessness are being shuffled back and forth between shelters and hotels. Many do not want to return to communal living settings.
Coronavirus is not fuel for urbanist fantasies
How Mask Mandates Were Beaten Down in Rural Oklahoma
The Trump campaign’s new chief of staff was arrested on campaign-finance charges in 2016 after cops busted her boyfriend for cocaine and found incriminating texts on his phone
G.O.P. Voters Back QAnon Conspiracy Promoter for U.S. Senate
Pa. House Democrats say they were in the dark for a week about Republican’s positive coronavirus test
Far-right QAnon conspiracy theorist wins GOP Senate nomination in Oregon, and goes into erratic mode
If This Means Democrats Are Finally Getting It on the Courts, It’s About Damn Time
Mark Zuckerberg is a hypocrite and a Trumpist: The Facebook CEO knew what he was doing wading into the president’s latest tantrum
Coronavirus Latest: Some DC Public Libraries Begin Curbside Service Today (not sure why Shaw isn’t on the list)
Yes, Millennials Really Are That Screwed
You’ve Probably Heard Socialists Won’t Vote for Biden

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