Links 5/25/20

Links for you. Science:

Moderna’s claim of favorable results in its vaccine trial is an example of ‘publication by press release’
The public do not understand logarithmic graphs used to portray COVID-19
America’s Patchwork Pandemic Is Fraying Even Further
Today, this new preprint from John Ioannidis (of “Most Published Research Findings Are False” fame) went online. Let’s do a rapid peer-review
Vaccine experts say Moderna didn’t produce data critical to assessing Covid-19 vaccine


You’re Getting Used to Masks. Will You Wear a Face Shield?
The Nonprofit Grifters Who Want a Cut of the Coronavirus Bailout: After years of undermining health policy to aid their Big Pharma patrons, patient advocacy groups are making claims to federal pandemic relief.
Trump’s Food Aid Program Gives Little Funding to the Northeast, Where Coronavirus Hit Hardest
Shut Up and Play, or Shut Up and Die?
Slicker Cities: On the entrepreneurial turn in city government
The Most Important Election of 2020
The Infinite Heartbreak of Loving Hong Kong
‘My Head Is About to Explode’: Virus Jargon Is Schooling Traders
If Cuomo Cuts Funding, CUNY Layoffs Will Be a ‘Bloodbath’
Trump administration might consolidate pandemic response at State Department
New Mexico County Official: ‘The Only Good Democrat Is A Dead Democrat’
Gov. Northam slammed for mingling in Virginia Beach crowds without a mask
This dog is all of us
Blow Up the Restaurant Industry and Start Over
Menu from the Stork Club at the height of its fame.
What Cities Could Look Like In A Post-Coronavirus World
Workers Deserve to Be Owners, Too
The Corrupt Bargain
Why the Pandemic Is Driving Conservative Intellectuals Mad
‘No offense, but is this a joke?’ Inside the underground market for face masks. Navigating a ‘sea of sleaze’ to get protective gear for U.S. health workers

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