Links 5/18/20

Links for you. Science:

Exponential phase of covid19 expansion is driven by airport connections
Impact of Climate and Public Health Interventions on the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Prospective Cohort Study
Scientists: ‘Exactly zero’ evidence COVID-19 came from a lab
Deep Inside the World of Coral Reef Forensics
Good Science Is Good Science: For the sake of both science and action in the COVID-19 pandemic, we need collaboration among specialists, not sects.


We could stop the pandemic by July 4 if the government took these steps: A $74 billion investment in testing, tracing and isolation could rescue the economy — quickly
A pandemic plan was in place. Trump abandoned it — and science — in the face of Covid-19
The next phase of America’s coronavirus problem is a massive housing crisis
Louis, Louis: How one fashion brand failed at being good
How Museums Will Eventually Tell the Story of COVID-19
The Pandemic Helped Topple Two Retailers. So Did Private Equity. At a time when J. Crew and Neiman Marcus needed to be investing money to adjust to changing shopping habits, enormous sums were going to their owners. (the Bain Bustout lives!)
Honking Truckers Were Showing Trump ‘Love,’ President Claims At Briefing. No, They Weren’t.
‘It’s just cuckoo’: state’s latest data mishap causes critics to cry foul (Georgia)
Let’s democratize and decommodify work
House Progressives Sat Out Fight Over COVID-19 Relief Vote. Leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus skewered the bill, but never rallied members to stop it.
Lines for the elevator. One-way corridors. Zooming with colleagues in the next pod over. Office life is going to be strange (really no point in going to an office under these conditions)
There’s no hope for America unless we can pity ourselves
How many people can safely fit on the MBTA during a pandemic? Business groups call for mostly empty vehicles to keep with proper physical distancing.
The best part of my supermarket job was the people. Now, they’re the worst part.
Trump’s New COVID-19 Czar Holds $10 Million In Vaccine Company Stock Options
New Zealand edges back to normal after quashing coronavirus in 49 days
“People Will Die. People Do Die.” Wall Street Has Had Enough of the Lockdown (they are horrible people)
Apple and Google are building a virus-tracking system. Health officials say it will be practically useless.
The Owners Of Ivy And Coney Have Launched A Takeout And Delivery Platform
Michael Jordan Is Exactly Who I Thought He Was

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