Links 5/16/20

Links for you. Science:

Rats are infecting humans with hepatitis, and nobody knows how
Why it matters that the NIH canceled a coronavirus research grant
Lockdowns in SIR Models (pdf)
Former Howard University professor ushered generations of scientists into careers in the aerospace industry
Multiple introductions, regional spread and local differentiation during the first week of COVID-19 epidemic in Montevideo, Uruguay


The conservative victimhood complex has made America impossible to govern (excellent)
The United States is a country to be pitied
New York Times health reporter Donald McNeil deserves accolades, not a scolding
Here’s how a DC newspaper covered traffic safety just before World War II
An Asset Grows in Brooklyn
Reminder: When the Very Very Rich Are Done With Us, They Plan to Leave Us Behind
The 2016 nightmare is already repeating itself
Jared Kushner Reportedly Convinced Trump in March That Coronavirus Testing Was a Bad Idea
We need to prepare for the possibility of Trump rejecting election results
Are Masks Just for Liberals?
I’m not sure that people are drawing the correct conclusion from the (accurate) observation that the police in many American cities can’t be trusted to equitably and non-violently enforce social distancing regulations.
It’s a mistake to blame density for the spread of the coronavirus.
Even If You’re Trying To Avoid Grubhub By Calling Your Favorite Restaurant Directly, Grubhub Could Still Be Charging It A Fee
Give Me Liberty — No, Wait, Give Me Death
I Miss the Gym Like Hell, but I’m Not Going Back Anytime Soon
Why are white supremacists protesting to ‘reopen’ the US economy?
Trump’s coronavirus mask standoff reveals the dangerous ripples of fragile masculinity
Some evangelicals fear the ‘mark of the beast’ from a coronavirus vaccine

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