Links 4/17/20

Links for you. Science:

The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 13
More Than 30 Million Years Ago, Monkeys Rafted Across the Atlantic to South America
Models have their strength and weaknesses. It’s valuable to understand both. While the IHME_UW model has certain advantages over other approaches, I want to focus here on a disadvantage, namely the absence of an underlying mechanistic/bottom up/process-based framework.
The second derivative of the time trend on the log scale (also see P.S.)
James Peter Taylor, 1979 – 2020


Bernie Offered Us the Future. Why Did He Fail—and What Did We Forfeit?
WaPo Should Go to Columbus To Find Out How Economy Will Reopen, Not Perpetuate Trump’s Myths about It (important)
Lesson From Singapore: Why We May Need to Think Bigger
How Runners Can Keep Themselves And Others Safe During The Pandemic
The Duty And Responsibility of Left Wing Leaders
CBS News’s Paula Reid Exposed Trump’s Scam By Just Asking the Same Question Repeatedly
Your Coronavirus Check Is Coming. Your Bank Can Grab It.
How Mitch McConnell Became Trump’s Enabler-in-Chief
It’s not the WHO’s fault that Trump didn’t prepare for the coronavirus
Why we need a new WPA
How Many People Have Died In NYC During The COVID Pandemic?
The Ideas That Won’t Survive the Coronavirus
Is The City’s COVID Helpline Directing Callers to DC Mutual Aid? Organizers Report Calls Routed From Hotline
Rich and Healthy vs. Poor and Dead
Massachusetts Recruits 1,000 ‘Contact Tracers’ To Battle COVID-19
How to Be a Better Take-Out and Delivery Customer, According to Restaurants
Congress decides to social distance, or abdicate, until May 4
Rules Are Made To Be Exploited By People Who Have People To Do That (“It was absurd that our great Democratic leaders spent 5 minutes worrying about the shape of the trapezoid, but they did. Anything short of ‘aim the money bazooka at everybody’ was going to ensure that the money bazooka was going to be targeted even more at rich people than was inevitably going to be the case anyway.”)
Chinese Restaurants Are Experienced With Take-Out. Why Have So Many Closed?
For China, the ‘USA Virus’ Is a Geopolitical Ploy
In coronavirus scramble for N95 masks, Trump administration pays premium to third-party vendors

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