Links 4/16/20

Links for you. Science:

Coronavirus Research Done Too Fast Is Testing Publishing Safeguards, Bad Science Is Getting Through
Giant Viruses Carry Genetic Code That May Control The Metabolism of Living Things
Elaborately decorated eggs predate Easter by thousands of years
How does COVID-19 kill? Uncertainty is hampering doctors’ ability to choose treatments
Lice drug a head-scratching Covid-19 home remedy: Australians stockpile anti-parasitic drug ivermectin after new research shows it kills the coronavirus within 48 hours


Nearly 30% in the US believe a coronavirus theory that’s almost certainly not true
What Joe Biden could realistically do to win over the left
Memo to media: We still don’t know why Trump is doing this
The Pandemic Could Get Worse In A Way That No One Has Been Thinking About (nuclear reactors. Oh boy…)
Rikers and Roosevelt: The Uncontrolled Human Experiment Occurring with Essential Workers (and Their Wards)
The New York Times Red Dawn Scoop Lays Out the Truth of Trump’s COVID-19 Incompetence
If the Postal Service Dies, So Does Democracy
An Actual Administration Would Have Helped America’s Farmers Already
Mafia of the Medicore
Referees, I Would Like To Appeal That Ruling
What Richard Vague Says that Matt Taibbi, Our Acrophobic Champion for the Duration of the COVD-19 Crisis, Needs to Learn about Stratospheric Levels of Public Debt
Somebody Needs to Tell Chuck Schumer that the Entire Working Class Is “Heroic,” Not Just “Essential Workers”
How One Firm’s Covid-19 Tests Help Control The Virus In South Korea
Oh Thank God: Trump Appoints Ivanka and Jared to Council to Reopen America
Wounded by media scrutiny, Trump turned a briefing into a presidential tantrum
Greenleaf Gardens was part of the birth of DC’s urban renewal projects
This Is How It Looks When You’re Not Afraid: Anthony Fauci is the rare senior government official who seems more devoted to truth than to Trump.
The Price of the Coronavirus Pandemic
No, Italy Is Not the Case Against Medicare for All

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