Links 4/5/20

Links for you. Science:

If you are hearing about #covid19 “reinfections” in Asia, I can offer you my take as a virologist. The best explanation for what we’re seeing is likely due to three things.
How ProMED Crowdsourced the Arrival of Covid-19 and SARS
Coronavirus shuts down trials of drugs for multiple other diseases
Coronavirus could threaten endangered great apes, scientists warn
While You Were Quarantined, National Parks’ Air Was Getting Cleaner


Jobs Aren’t Being Destroyed This Fast Elsewhere. Why Is That? (TEH SOCIALISMZ! at least temporarily)
As the west is in lockdown, China is slowly getting back to business
Coronavirus border closures are threatening Europe’s food supply
What If D.C.’s Black-Owned Restaurants Can’t Recover From the Effects of COVID-19?
Trump’s Chernobyl Moment: the US May Lose Its Status as World Superpower and Not Recover (maybe, maybe not; seems very contigent on who is president)
As COVID-19 Cases Increase in Homeless Shelters, D.C. Provides Hotel Rooms For Some Unsheltered Residents
New York state has 10 times the COVID-19 cases California has. Why?
Joe Biden’s Campaign Claimed It Was Safe to Vote During the Pandemic. It Absolutely Wasn’t.
I worked for Bernie in 2016. Here’s why Black voters aren’t feeling the Bern in 2020
Ebola Should Have Immunized the United States to the Coronavirus: What Washington Failed to Learn From the National Security Council’s Ebola Report
Epstein and Sunstein
History’s verdict on Trump will be devastating (would rather have him removed from office though…)
Police close some Hobby Lobby locations after stores defy state order and reopen during pandemic
The United States leads in coronavirus cases, but not pandemic response
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is what real coronavirus leadership looks like
Exclusive: The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming
What we need to know before we can end social distancing
Reality Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders
Is Wall Street Killing Grandma? As we scramble to locate hospital beds and life-saving equipment during this pandemic, remember that we are fighting two diseases.
The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed. (it’s like they’re trying to turn people into full-blown socialists)
What ‘essential’ really means in the stay-at-home era

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