Links 3/30/20

Links for you. Science:

Why the Coronavirus Has Been So Successful: We’ve known about SARS-CoV-2 for only three months, but scientists can make some educated guesses about where it came from and why it’s behaving in such an extreme way.
What Does the Coronavirus Do to the Body?
A systematic review on the efficacy and safety of chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19
Think Exotic Animals Are to Blame for the Coronavirus? Think Again.
Can Smart Thermometers Track the Spread of the Coronavirus?


America’s Diseased Politics: The Republicans are confronting the coronavirus with nihilism—and the Democrats are responding with impotence.
Trump team failed to follow NSC’s pandemic playbook (anger is the appropriate emotion)
Democrats Are Handing Donald Trump The Keys To The Country
Unsanitized: Bailouts, A Tradition Unlike Any Other
Economic Consequences of The Pandemic
Stop the $6 Trillion Coronavirus Corporate Coup!
Mitch McConnell Is Robbing Taxpayers to Bailout the Rich
‘This Is the Burning Building.’ Inside One Man’s Mission to Treat LA’s Homeless for COVID-19.
Trump punishes blue states on disaster unemployment aid
White nationalists looking to weaponize coronavirus pandemic, both literally and figuratively
Protect People, Not Financial Ledgers
A brutal new ad uses Trump’s own words against him
Unlicensed Dermatologist Suggests People Throw Coronavirus Parties: The Federalist published a random businessman’s plan to deliberately infect people in the name of economic growth.
Matt Gaetz gets obliterated after going full ‘Florida Man’ with racist, uninformed coronavirus tweet
How the Pandemic Will End: The U.S. may end up with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the industrialized world. This is how it’s going to play out.
How the World’s Richest Country Ran Out of a 75-Cent Face Mask
It’s time Congress gets serious about figuring out how to work remotely
Workers Are More Valuable Than CEOs
7 Rules for the Boeing Bailout
Coronavirus bill would provide $114 billion to prop up faltering transportation networks
Will D.C.’s Private Museums Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic?
Billionaires Want People Back to Work. Employees Aren’t So Sure (the last half of the article is uncharacteristically honest)

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