Democrats Need to Help Mass Transit

Because, for once, they should deliver the boodle to their strongholds instead of the denizens of Midwestern diners. D.C.’s Metro, like many systems, is reducing service due to massive decreases in ridership–eighty five percent. This is blowing a $52 million hole in Metro’s revenue every month. This is in addition to spending an additional $17 million per month to clean the stations more thoroughly. In fact, WMATA is asking the federal government for help (boldface mine):

“Federal assistance is critical to help us offset the direct costs and revenue losses we are facing,” he said. “We need support for transit operations, but traditional transit formulas are not designed to address our unique circumstances. We need immediate operating funding to address this unprecedented loss of $52 million a month,” Wiedefeld wrote.

“I request your support in securing this emergency funding for [Metro] so that we may continue to fulfill our critical role in safely providing lifeline service throughout the National Capital Region,” Wiedefeld added.

The letter was addressed to 12 members of the Senate and House who represent the District, Maryland and Virginia.

I realize this is small beans in the face of a global pandemic. But it would be encouraging for Democrats to help urban areas specifically–and desperate mass transit is specifically an urban problem.

By the way, this is why D.C., and the country, needs D.C. statehood–just as there are rural state, we need one urban one, that prioritizes urban issues.

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