How Is This Not Impeachable?

This is well beyond Ukraine, or even what would have been an easy case had Democrats chosen to pursue it, emoluments in terms of the damage it could do (boldface mine):

GROSS: Trump has made it clear he wants low numbers. He didn’t want people who tested positive from a cruise ship to be evacuated and then quarantined because the numbers would go up, and he didn’t want those numbers to go up. It would look bad; it would make him look bad. So what do you think the most consequential decisions he’s made so far are in terms of the virus, decisions for better or worse?

DIAMOND: When President Trump went on air and did a press conference talking about his concern over the, quote, “numbers” and didn’t want a cruise ship with infected Americans to necessarily dock and have the passengers evacuated because he was worried about the numbers, it was a remarkable statement for a president to say. The president has been obsessed with the numbers, obsessed with the optics of how this looks, which is not what you want the U.S. president to be focused on. The president’s decisions on coronavirus, Terry, are, I think, an outgrowth of how he has approached government the past three years. There were so many ticking time bombs that never actually exploded, crises that were averted because either the economy was sailing along, the president’s tweets were papered over. But now we are in a crisis moment where these decisions matter….

DIAMOND: I think they are both trying to show that they’re incredibly active and aggressive in public, but some of the decisions behind the scenes haven’t always reflected the best judgment of career professionals. In the case of Alex Azar, he did go to the president in January. He did push past resistance from the president’s political aides to warn the president the new coronavirus could be a major problem. There were aides around Trump – Kellyanne Conway had some skepticism at times that this was something that needed to be a presidential priority.

But at the same time, Secretary Azar has not always given the president the worst-case scenario of what could happen. My understanding is he did not push to do aggressive additional testing in recent weeks, and that’s partly because more testing might have led to more cases being discovered of coronavirus outbreak, and the president had made clear – the lower the numbers on coronavirus, the better for the president, the better for his potential reelection this fall.

This is dereliction of duty. Impeachable is too kind an adjective.

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3 Responses to How Is This Not Impeachable?

  1. Derek Mitchell says:

    Mike He’s only EVER been interested in self reflected optics. Otherwise known as a mirror. This is the actual definition of narcissism. We had two narcissists in power over here in Oz, ten years ago; Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Both reconstituted socialists. Both crap leaders. Good riddance. Fuck ‘em.

    You’re stuffed for choices; a sociopathic narcissist, a Commo, or a demented old white guy. Holy shit! Same dilemma as 2016 – the frying pan or the fire… a crap-shoot, I think you call it over there.

    Good luck!

    Derek (Lindisfarne, Tasmania, Aust)


  2. ElHongo says:

    The upshot (if one can call it thus): this disease is pretty much visible in the 15% of cases which get seriously ill.

    Trump seriously believes if he makes the numbers go away, the virus will go away; I have no doubt in that. What can one expect from a freak who has shown nothing but disrespect, even hatred, for science?

    The downside of Trump’s strategy is this: it will reliably fail once elderly people start coughing out craploads of blood in public. Unfortunately, by then it will be too late to do anything about this.
    But it won’t be too late to hold those who caused this mess to account, and punish them with extreme prejudice.
    This holds for COVID just as it does for AGW: only by rendering the perps permanently incapable of causing further damage can a catastrophe be avoided.

  3. Molly Cruz says:

    I see no difference between his reasoning in this case, and the sale of major weaponry to the Saudi’s in spite of their assassination of an American citizen Journalist; because it was SO MUCH MONEY. His behavior is clinical narcissism and has been from the start. That we still seem surprised about it or depend on him for anything like leadership is what’s remarkable.

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