Links 3/5/20

Links for you. Science:

New Genomic Tests Aim to Diagnose Deadly Infections Faster
Is It a Pandemic Yet? It’s now clear that the coronavirus epidemic was never going to be contained. What’s next?
You Didn’t Touch These Jellyfish, but They Can Sting You With Tiny Grenades
Milk and Juice Are Not as Needed as You Might Think
The real reason germs spread in the winter


Shortages, confusion and poor communication complicate coronavirus preparations
Red assed: What could be dumber than a red-baiting revival?
ABC News suspends correspondent David Wright after comments about Trump coverage, socialism, in Project Veritas sting (do they suspend people for being conservative Republicans?)
D.C. Is Preparing For A Decline In International Tourism Because Of Coronavirus
Covid-19 Will Mark the End of Affluence Politics: The possibility of a global pandemic will reveal our inability to make and distribute the things people need—just in time for a presidential election.
How Bernie Sanders Became Teachers’ Favorite Candidate
Here’s Why the Homeless Are Enraged by Bloomberg’s Campaign
Warren rips Trump for ‘bungling’ coronavirus outbreak
Bernie Sanders hits self-described ‘great genius’ Trump on his lies about the coronavirus
The lost congressman: What happened to Jeremiah Haralson?
Smithsonian Releases 2.8 Million Images Into Public Domain
Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Must End
Michael Bloomberg Is Always Wrong About the Economy
MSNBC Benches Contributor Who Smeared Bernie Sanders Staffers (Sanders seems to work the refs better than most Democrats)
They Died On Teevee
Will Somebody Do Something About the Damn Debates?
Trump just pushed one of his worst conspiracy theories yet
New Study Finds No Evidence of OAS Fraud Claims, “Very Likely” Evo Morales Won Bolivia’s October Elections in the First Round
Flux: Wealth in the United States
The Answers Issue 2020

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