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Links 2/24/20

Links for you. Science: Here’s what coronavirus does to the body The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2 Working In Science Was A Brutal Education. That’s Why I Left. 747s Carrying Americans Exposed To Coronavirus Used New Quarantine Box For Infected Flyers … Continue reading

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Faith in Polls Not Seen

One of the weird things about the electability debate in the Democratic primary is that it seems utterly divorced from polling data. In particular, the argument is that Sanders can’t win, even though polls have him as competitive, if not … Continue reading

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Links 2/23/20

Links for you. Science: Predicting antimicrobial resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa with machine learning‐enabled molecular diagnostics Opinion: Reproducibility failures are essential to scientific inquiry Meet the Plethodonts: Lungless Salamanders of Roy’s Redwoods How do we test for coronavirus, anyway? Clades of … Continue reading

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Two Bloomberg Tales

While presidential candidate Bloomberg’s record is being extensively discussed, it’s worth remembering the less sexy, somewhat forgotten, but equally bad parts of his tenure, since they reveal quite a bit about what kind of president he would be (hint: indefensible). … Continue reading

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Links 2/22/20

Links for you. Science: Rats will devour your car Trump wants to slash Chesapeake Bay funding. Environmentalists hope Congress steps in again. People Born Blind Are Mysteriously Protected From Schizophrenia Even Brief Exposure To Solitary Confinement May Increase Risk Of … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist links: Fear Is Making Democrats Stupid: We Got What We Wished For Buttigieg’s Centrist Healthcare Fantasy Bloomberg Just Went Full Streisand Effect Most People Have No Idea What Basic Political Terms Mean Third Wave Gentrification: … Continue reading

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Links 2/21/20

Links for you. Science: Car ‘splatometer’ tests reveal huge decline in number of insects Sugary Drink Consumption Plunges in Chile After New Food Law Climate Models Are Running Red Hot, and Scientists Don’t Know Why Fluctuating funding and flagging interest … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Is Wiping Out Down Ballot Campaigns

When thinking about presidential candidates, one thing people discuss is their ‘coattails’, the effect they’ll have on state and local elections. Well, #OKBloomberg is having an effect down ballot, and it’s not good (boldface mine): Bloomberg entered the presidential race … Continue reading

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Links 2/20/20

Links for you. Science: Spatially Explicit Modeling of 2019-nCoV Epidemic Trend based on Mobile Phone Data in Mainland China The effect of travel restrictions on the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak Why we can’t cure cancer with … Continue reading

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Third Wave Gentrification: The Business Rents Are Too Damn High

One of the problems discussing gentrification is that the term is used to encompass very different phenomena. I define gentrification as the period following abandonment, in which prices of existing housing begin to rise as they are renovated, and new … Continue reading

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