Links 2/29/20

Links for you. Science:

How to Report on the COVID-19 Outbreak Responsibly
Did dinosaur blood run hot or cold? Their eggshells may hold a clue
A Huge Discovery in the World of Viruses: Giant phages have been found in French lakes, baboons from Kenya, and the human mouth.
I am so happy we found this giant earthworm in the cloud forest.
Is the vaccine to thwart the new coronavirus stored in a Houston freezer?


Democrats Did Something Big On Health Care And Nobody Is Paying Attention
Sanders Wins Big; Dem Establishment Freaks Out
The Billionaire Election
Everybody Gets Sick
Bernie Sanders and the socialist ethic
Don’t Send Them Here: Local Officials Resist Plans to House Coronavirus Patients
Mainstream Democrats shouldn’t fear Bernie Sanders (“Sanders, however, overperforms in his easy races. He consistently runs ahead of Democratic presidential nominees in his home state, which suggests he knows how to overcome the “socialist” label, get people to vote for him despite some eccentricities, and even peel off some Republican votes.”)
In 1974 Call to Abolish CIA, Sanders Followed in Footsteps of JFK, Truman (and Daniel Patrick Moynihan)
These are the popular ideas progressives can win with (and some unpopular ones to avoid)
Bernie Sanders and the End of the Socialist Boogeyman (dunno)
Can D.C. Meet Its Ambitious Solar Energy Goals?
In a city dominated by private universities, UDC makes a pitch to District residents: ‘We are affordable and high quality.’
3 Women on What It’s Like to Give Yourself an Abortion
Could Overseas Voters Be the Democrats’ Secret Weapon in 2020?
Let’s talk about the important concept of opinion leadership, which Bernie Sanders and old-school New Deal democrats were/are great at, but New Democrats of the 1990-now era are explicitly averse to
More Libraries Are Doing Away With Overdue Fines
Bloomberg Killed the Best Chance at Justice for the 9/11 Attacks
A Coronavirus Quarantine in America Could Be a Giant Legal Mess
The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Bring Out the Worst in Trump
Democracies Are Better at Fighting Outbreaks
But What About My Part In The Story

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