Links 2/11/20

Links for you. Science:

Instagram’s Search Results For Vaccines Are A Public Health Nightmare
Early evaluation of the Wuhan City travel restrictions in response to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak (not peer reviewed yet)
Small Weapons Are the Most Potent in Virus Fight
“HELP!!!” Internal #SharpieGate Emails Show Government Officials Freaked Out Over Trump’s “Doctored” Hurricane Map
Lights Out: Fireflies Face Extinction From Human-Caused Threats


Democrats’ ‘worst nightmare’? Here’s the truth about the freakout over ‘Bernie or bust’ (excellent)
An ‘Off-the-Shelf, Skeleton Project’: Experts Analyze the App That Broke Iowa
At hearing on the future of public housing in DC, more questions than answers
Let Us Count the Ways the Trump Administration Is Underprepared to Tackle the Coronavirus
Christian Nationalism Talks Religion, But Walks Fascism
Trump Is Blowing Up a National Monument in Arizona to Make Way for the Border Wall
After Iowa, The Democratic Party’s Prospects For Unity Have Never Been Bleaker (the Iron Law of Institutions reigns supreme in the Democratic Party)
The Superposition Candidacy of Donald Trump
GOP senators face new loyalty test: Whether to approve Trump’s controversial Fed nominee Judy Shelton (she’s a full blown batshitloonitarian)
Fox News Internal Document Bashes Pro-Trump Fox Regulars for Spreading ‘Disinformation’
Everybody calm down right now or else
Universal Coverage Is Not Only Realistic, It’s a Better System
This Philadelphia Refinery Is the Country’s Worst Benzene Polluter. Trump Wants To Keep It Open
New York Is Eliminating the Tipped Minimum Wage—Except for Restaurant Workers: For workers who rely on tips, sexual harassment is part of the job. That’s why restaurant workers launched a campaign to end the tipped minimum wage. (hopefully, they’ll have better luck than D.C. workers did with Initiative 77)
A public transit pup! Meet the Seattle dog who takes the bus by HERSELF every day to visit her favorite dog park
Sanders Surged in Iowa on a Wave of New Voters (in absolute terms, the under 30 vote increased by about forty percent, while older GenXers and Boomers plunged. No idea what that means)
The center-right liberal (not US liberal, classical) Free Democratic Party took control of the state govt with support of the Alternative für Deutschland. Why care?
The Failure of Democratic Opposition
Amy Klobuchar’s Platform Is A Pie-In-The-Sky Fantasy: Republicans won’t go for moderate ideas. Ask Merrick Garland. (the Audacity of Nope)
Sports and the Right

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