Links 1/23/20

Links for you. Science:

The Freshwater Giants Are Dying
Conservative States Seek Billions to Brace for Disaster. (Just Don’t Call It Climate Change.)
How Much Should The Public Be Told About Risky Virus Research?
When lab tests are misleading: A mystery in antibiotic resistance
How Mathematics Can Save Your Life


The Fire This Time: In the Face of Rising White Supremacist Violence, Police Continue to Investigate Victims and Activists (and it distracts from finding actual terrorists)
How Trump fused his business empire to the presidency (Democrats really should have brought up the emoluments issue)
Peter Thiel’s Latest Venture Is the American Government
Joe Biden Tried to Cut Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare for 40 Years: Joe Biden was once a New Deal Democrat. Then he “evolved” and starting backing decades of Republican plans to cut Medicare and Social Security.
Woman arrested in CIA trespass seeking ‘Agent Penis’ charged by Secret Service
My Opponents Are All Very Good, I Am Just Slightly Better (last sentence is critical)
When saving the planet spoils the charm of historic houses
Psychologist Who Waterboarded for C.I.A. to Testify at Guantánamo
The legacy of ‘Citizens United’ has been destructive. We need campaign finance reform.
Trump’s China Deal Creates Collateral Damage for Tech Firms
Today’s Good Times Conceal Lurking Economic Troubles
Joe Biden’s Biggest 2020 Problem Is Joe Biden
Black caucus in Nevada’s largest county endorses Sanders
Just as Many African-Americans Say They’d Consider Voting for Bernie Sanders as Joe Biden
Republican Virginia Delegate Says He’d Support Giving Alexandria And Arlington To D.C. (make both D.C. and North Virginia new states, and gain 2-4 Democratic Senate seats)
Most Americans want Trump out: But Mitch McConnell totally doesn’t care what we think
It sure looks like Amazon is bringing a grocery store to 14th Street (don’t want to give Amazon my info to buy groceries…)
Trump’s Campaign Manager Just Signaled the 2020 Strategy: Head for the Gutter
1943 view of M Street in Georgetown looking east from Wisconsin Avenue.
The Referees Have Taken Trump’s Side: If Mitch McConnell ran the Super Bowl, would the game even have to happen?
‘Nazi Salute’ School a Cesspool of Racism, Sex Abuse: Lawsuit

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