Links 1/11/20

Links for you. Science:

‘Because Insects Are Key to Our Own Survival,’ 73 Scientists Unveil Global Roadmap to Battle Bugpocalypse
Infections caused 13% of cancers in 2018
The FDA got it partially right on e-cigs. Here’s what else needs to be done.
Author of study saying red meat is fine failed to disclose industry funding, journal reveals
Is overuse of antibiotics on farms worsening the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria?


Trump, Iran, and Where ‘The Forever War’ Was Always Headed (excellent, must-read)
How Political Fact-Checkers Distort the Truth
The Real Reason the U.S. Is Interested in Iran
The End of Brady
The College Wealth Premium Has Collapsed
Can the Fed help fix inequality?
Iranian Blood Is on Our Hands, Too
Bible Lobbyist: We Can’t Print Bibles in America Anymore
The Year 2019 in Local Politics (DC)
Here Lies Jack Evans’ Political Career
Twitter will put options to limit replies directly on the compose screen
Mitch McConnell doesn’t care if you criticize his sham trial for Trump
Trump thought picking a fight with Iran would boost him. It backfired
White House Announces Trump Would Likely Veto Bill Regulating ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water
Crucial context that ought to be in every single article about Trump and Iran
An 18-Year-Old Charged With Attacking A Planned Parenthood Shared Memes Popular With A New, Younger White Nationalist Movement
Americans cannot agree on what behaviors are anti-Semitic (maybe ask Jews?)
Who Does Maryland’s Governor Really Work For?
The High Cost of Having a Baby in America
Subpoena John Bolton, Democrats
The hawks were wrong about everything

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  1. Molly Cruz says:

    Infections caused 13% of cancers in 2018
    A study in England comparing lung cancer rates among coffee versus tea drinkers who smoked cigarettes found the normal overall rate held among coffee drinkers, while the tea drinkers had zip.
    I think the fact that tea water is boiled while coffee is more frequently brewed with sub boiling water might prove that cancer is caused by infectious bacteria and viruses, and boiling your water could protect you. ?

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