Links 1/10/20

Links for you. Science:

The secret lives of fish-eating, beaver-ambushing wolves of Minnesota
Why your workout may not be helping you lose weight
The Time of Giants
Can intelligence be changed?
Everything We Know About Birds That Glow


Bernie Sanders can unify Democrats and beat Trump in 2020 (interesting considering the source. Also, “Most of the fears about Sanders expressed by Democratic insiders — fears that have trickled into much of the mainstream media coverage of his campaign — are better understood as disputes with his followers than as real problems with the man himself…. a primary is about picking a nominee, not about picking whose cheering chorus you find most congenial on Twitter.”)
What an Elizabeth Warren Presidency Would Look Like: Warren is a “visionary implementer.” (counterpoint)
Sanders’ Proposals Are The Largest Middle Class Tax-Cuts in US History: Bernie’s ticket to beating Joe Biden may lie in a very slight change in messaging
Fixing Our Bankruptcy System to Give People a Second Chance (Warren’s plan)
Trump Lackey Lou Dobbs Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: Americans Have ‘Obligations to The Leader’
Will Bernie voters vote for Biden when he wins? (the title is inflammatory, but the article is pretty good, and makes a point I’ve made before)
As bushfire and holiday seasons converge, it may be time to say goodbye to the typical Australian summer holiday
Portrait of a General
Secret Iranian Spy Cables Show How Qassim Suleimani Wielded His Enormous Power in Iraq
Virginia governor backs bill to end Lee-Jackson Day and make Election Day a holiday
How Trump’s trade war is making lobbyists rich — and devastating small businesses (yet the business owner is still going to vote for him…)
White nationalist banner found hanging over Belt Parkway
Why Was Obama Different
Rediscovering the Neighborhood of Saturdays
Can You Locate Iran? Few Voters Can.
Inside the Billion-Dollar Battle Over .Org
The Arrogance of Trump’s Enablers
Sonos, Squeezed by the Tech Giants, Sues Google (seems like a really important case, even though it’s under the radar)
Goldman Sachs’ Shell Game
Corbyn, Sanders, and Warren: the Bogus Comparison

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