Links 1/5/20

Links for you. Science:

Tomb Containing Three Generations of Warrior Women Unearthed in Russia
Chinese Scientist Is Accused of Smuggling Lab Samples, Amid Crackdown on Research Theft
Alone in a Crowded Milky Way: Even a galaxy teeming with star-hopping alien civilizations should still harbor isolated, unvisited worlds—and Earth might be among them
Sturgeon, America’s forgotten dinosaurs, show signs of life
EPA’s scientific advisers warn its regulatory rollbacks clash with established science


Jack And Me (good reporting can make a difference)
1915 Map of Racially Segregated D.C. Schools
Amazon threatens to fire critics who are outspoken on its environmental policies
The Total Incompetence of Bruce Allen, an NFL Lifer
The Citizens United ruling broke American democracy at the start of the decade. It never recovered
Bloomberg’s business in China has grown. That could create unprecedented entanglements if he is elected president.
From the Brig to Mar-a-Lago, Former Navy SEAL Capitalizes on Newfound Fame: After receiving presidential clemency, Edward Gallagher has left the SEALs to become a pitchman and conservative activist. (disgusting)
Negative Interest Rates Aren’t Such a Departure After All
Joe Biden Wants to End Prison Profiteering. One of His Top Fundraisers Is a Major Player in Prison Health Care.
Why Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg can’t be trusted
The 2010s: The Decade of Shitty White People (good but mostly ignores the role of moderates who are distinct from SWP)
The booming stock market shows America is diseased
Protecting the Rights and Equality of People with Disabilities (Warren)
Don’t Get Too Nostalgic About Old Media: A look back, courtesy of the late William Greider, at the less-than-optimal state of affairs as a new media age dawned in 1992.
Private equity ran amok in the 2010s
‘Democrat’ Dan Lipinski signs brief asking Supreme Court to ‘revisit’ Roe v. Wade
The First Gay President
Republicans Would Have Gone Here If Donald Trump Had Never Been Born
Why “Free Stuff” Is Good
So Trump Employs Undocumented Immigrants at His Properties and Nobody Really Cares?

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