Links 12/19/19

Links for you. Science:

What Will It Take to Clean Up the Electric Grid? It’s a huge undertaking to slow climate change, but we’ve done big things before.
Architecture of the Escherichia coli nucleoid
Congress will fund gun violence research for first time since 1997
Possible mass grave from 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre found by researchers
FTC Challenges Illumina’s (ILMN) Proposed Acquisition of PacBio (I’m an anti-trust guy, but I’m not sure this is necessarily a good thing for innovation.)


Is Bernie Sanders anti-Semitic? Why new right-wing smears are the real anti-Semitism. These attacks perpetuate bigoted tropes — and make it harder to root out real anti-Semitism on the left.
How New Voting Machines Could Hack Our Democracy
A National Disgrace’: Trump Proposes Social Security Change That Could End Disability Benefits for Hundreds of Thousands
Britain’s Yellow Jacket election
Why Trump’s level of lying should be an impeachable offense
Googled ‘Impeachment’ Lately? First Result Is a Bloomberg Ad
My new hobby is taking graphs of economic data over time and indicating the year that Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, in case people find that helpful or informative.
Want to know how rich people educate their kids? I’ll tell you.
Congress Learns Pentagon Wasted $1 Trillion, Promptly Gives It Bigger Budget
10 Bold Sports Predictions for the 2020s
Blood and Brexit
What Jeremy Corbyn’s Defeat Means For the Democrats, By an American Journalist Who Has Never Been to the UK
The Terror Queue: These moderators help keep Google and YouTube free of violent extremism — and now some of them have PTSD
CAP Is Spreading Disinformation About Bernie’s Health Care Plan
Heidi Sloan’s Plan for Political Revolution
The Left Case for Impeachment
These mayors pledged to reduce emissions. Why are they widening highways?
RIP, Paul Adolph Volcker
Rep. Jeff Van Drew Was ‘Almost Obsessively Anti-Trump’ Before He Considered Joining His Party
Too Close for Comfort

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