Links 12/18/19

Links for you. Science:

World’s oceans are losing oxygen at a dangerous, unprecedented rate as temperatures rise, study finds
Tasmania’s flowering giants: ‘We will never see such trees again’
NIH continues to gaslight us on the funding disparity for Black applicants
Texan ‘Rodeo Ants’ Ride on the Backs of Bigger Ants
Feral Pigs Roam the South. Now Even Northern States Aren’t Safe.


You Don’t Know Bernie. (fascinating)
Felix Rohatyn, an Icon of an Older Wall Street, Is Dead
U.S. Secretly Expelled Chinese Officials Suspected of Spying After Breach of Military Base
Former Breitbart Editor: Stephen Miller is a white supremacist. I know, I was one too.
Prime Leverage: How Amazon Wields Power in the Technology World
Felix G. Rohatyn, Financier Who Piloted New York’s Rescue, Dies at 91
Anna Karina, Star of French New Wave Cinema, Is Dead at 79
That impeachment light ahead of us isn’t the end of this tunnel. We have hard times ahead
Why You Shouldn’t Believe Those G.D.P. Numbers
Everything I never wanted to have to know about Labour and antisemitism
Pete Buttigieg Was Part of McKinsey Team That Pushed Postal Service Privatization
Trump’s Senate trial is rigged, but a Watergate hero has an idea for saving impeachment
Don’t Blame Corbyn or Brexit: Labour Failed To Rage Against the Hated Political System
Why a Medicare for All public option won’t work
Only One American Political Organization Can Save the Republic Now
Why Labour Lost In Britain
I know very smart people who have interesting but flawed understandings of why Sanders has a base of support that seems immovable. They can’t quite figure out what about a 78 year old could appeal so much to younger people.
In 2020 Census, Big Efforts in Some States. In Others, Not So Much.
Aung San Suu Kyi is playing politics with appearance at Rohingya case
How a fight over a city athletic field turned into a woke-off of Washington’s well-off
As Protests Rage on Citizenship Bill, Is India Becoming a Hindu Nation?

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