Links 12/16/19

Links for you. Science:

Young people can’t remember how much more wildlife there used to be
Sex Bias In Conservation Efforts Further Endangers Rare Birds
Diversity and Disadvantage
Want to be more inclusive? Stop making geology conferences about the beer.
Medieval medicine: astrological ‘bat books’ that told doctors when to treat patients


What the U.K. Election Does (and Doesn’t) Teach Democrats
Representative Jamie Raskin Is Congress’ Impeachment Scholar
Banksy’s Ex-Dealer Unearths More Rare Photos Documenting ‘The Birth Of A Legend’
As Cities Dole Out Billions to Developers, Teachers Ask: What About Us?
Bernie Sanders is not only back, he has the best shot at the nomination right now
Why Is the Media So Obsessed With Michael Bloomberg? The 77-year-old billionaire was a terrible mayor of New York City who only exacerbated inequality.
In shortchanging MBTA, Legislature once again picks politics over T riders
What happens to the Trump D.C. hotel? Answers to five questions on the president’s emoluments battle.
Judaism is a faith, not a nationality
The Rohingya finally got their day in court. For most of them it was a first.
The federal government has one main law to prevent child abuse. No state follows all of it
Democrats Should Make 2020 a Referendum on ‘More Socialism for Old People’
Joe Biden Still Can’t Answer Basic Questions About Hunter and Burisma
I did around 120 hours of canvassing in London, Bedford and Milton Keynes. I didn’t expect this result but here’s how I can make sense of it from what I encountered on the doorstep. (will sound familiar to many U.S.-ians)
Lawmaker Says He Didn’t Research Ectopic Pregnancy Procedure Before Adding To Bill
Why Taxpayers Pay McKinsey $3M a Year for a Recent College Graduate Contractor
Pastor Who Says Jews Are Going To Hell Speaks At Trump’s Hanukkah Party
Job guarantee errorism
Finland’s Economy Really Is Highly Socialized
My City Was Gone. (Or Was It?)
How McKinsey Helped the Trump Administration Detain and Deport Immigrants

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