Links 12/6/19

Links for you. Science:

‘It’s Pathetic:’ World Fails to Protect One of the Most Eaten Sharks
Cats do have facial expressions, but you probably can’t read them
Science Committee Adds Rural STEM Education to Broadening Participation Push
Hitting many birds with one stone: Disarming MRSA from virulence and antibiotic resistance
Fire Blight Spreads Northward, Threatening Apple Orchards


The Stunning Rise of Single-Payer Health Care (people have to like this crap)
Do House Democrats want Trump to win a 2nd term? (I think the problem is the leadership is pathologically afraid of losing any seats)
What the Fight Over Means Testing Is Really About: What started as a tool to target need has spread into an ideology that runs the risk of puzzling the public and overcomplicating policy.
Seattleite, 92, finally tells story of German who saved more Jews during the Holocaust than Schindler
John Barnett on Why He Won’t Fly on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner
‘Look at these N-words’: High school football fans attack black Detroit students for taking a knee
That Recruitment Letter From Harvard Probably Doesn’t Mean Much
Redemption Arc
Fifty years after the ‘Black 14’ were banished, Wyoming football reckons with the past
The list is long on the “things” #MayorPete didn’t know while mayor of #SouthBend. It would be an #SNL skit IF he wasn’t a front runner for POTUS
Some House Democrats need to be thinking more about their constitutional duty than their reelection
America’s Red State Death Trip
What Jolly Good Fun It All Is
No More Nice Dems
Trump gave states the power to ban refugees. Conservative Utah wants more of them.
Trump Is Making the Al Capone Tax-Evasion Defense Against Impeachment
MMT Heaven and MMT Hell for Chinese Investment and U.S. Fiscal Spending
A Fair Workweek for America’s Part-Time Workers
Democrats Should Make 2020 a Referendum on ‘More Socialism for Old People’
Obama Scandals
“Manufacturing Consent” In Action (not helping, and hacktacular journalism by Alcindor)

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