Sondland’s Relief

One thing I noticed while watching some of Sondland’s impeachment hearing testimony is how relieved and relaxed he seemed (and I wasn’t alone in this). One reason might be that he probably won’t go down with the Trump ship (or get thrown under the Trump bus) thanks to this testimony. Since he’s rich, now he can fade away to a very comfortable obscurity. The other reason has to do with having a narcissist as a boss–there is an overwhelming psychological need to tell someone, anyone the truth:

There’s a reason–when you have a narcissist as a boss, you live in a constant environment of lies:

Just like the addict’s primary goal is to get that fix, the narcissist’s primary goal is to maintain the fantasy. They will construct elaborate mechanisms to deny unpleasant realities. Plainly put, they turn everyone around them into liars. You have to lie as a self-defense mechanism in order to fend off and manage the impulsiveness, the bouts of inadequacy, the hare-brained ideas, and the laziness and ineptitude. If you are a reasonably honest person, this is soul-crushing.

When you work in such an environment, you have the desperate need to tell the truth to maintain your own humanity. To survive emotionally in such an environment requires you tell someone the truth. If doing so harms the person who is making you miserable, that’s another benefit.

As long as Republicans think they can get away with it, they’re going to keep leaking. The cost of not doing so is too high.

Some asshole with a blog wrote that in January 2017. Anyone who has had a narcissist as an employer recognizes exactly what Sondland is going through–and why, at times, he appeared giddy. After all, most employees who have worked for a narcissist only get the chance to walk away and lick their wounds. But Sondland has an opportunity to not only tell the truth, but ding the person who made you so fucking miserable–and he’s wealthy enough to probably get away with it.

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2 Responses to Sondland’s Relief

  1. EWM says:

    So true. I can’t seem to get vey many people to give man a yes or no to: “If I did business in the same manner as government does, and forced strangers to give me money, would you consider me a criminal?”

  2. Qa1....... says:

    IDK, Gordo didn’t look too giddy when Maloney was ripping him open over the question – Who is the only person in the world who could have benefited from an announcement on CNN by Z that he had begun a Biden investigation?

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