Links 11/2/19

Links for you. Science:

Get Your Flu Shot Now, Doctors Advise, Especially If You’re Pregnant
New evidence that an extraterrestrial collision 12,800 years ago triggered an abrupt climate change for Earth
U.S. Travel Ban Disrupts The World’s Largest Brain Science Meeting
How Commandos Could Quickly Confirm They Got Their Target (probably ~90 minutes, not the fifteen minutes Trump claimed)
US Military Could Collapse Within 20 Years Due to Climate Change, Report Commissioned By Pentagon Says


State Under Siege: The American right’s unyielding ardor for federal power (excellent)
Wealth taxes often failed in Europe. They wouldn’t here.
1.5 Million Packages a Day: The Internet Brings Chaos to N.Y. Streets (if we didn’t use streets as parking lots…)
The prince, the billionaire and the Amazon project that got frozen in the desert
Warren’s Wealth Tax Isn’t The Slam Dunk Progressives Want It To Be (so when we pass the wealth tax, add some failsafes, such as if the wealth tax is overturned, then capital gains & marginal income rates increase. Call Roberts’ bluff.)
We Sold Pando
Before Deadly Crashes, Boeing Pushed for Law That Undercut Oversight (this was done by Democrats)
Al-Baghdadi Raid Was a Victory Built on Factors Trump Derides
What Holocaust Restitution Taught Me About Slavery Reparations
The future of the bodega is clear
At the DC Council’s Vision Zero hearing Thursday, residents plead for streets that don’t kill
In Emails to City, NoMa Residents Call for Underpass Encampments to Be Cleared
‘Lock him up’ chant highlights the debate we need about Trump’s lawlessness
California Is in Big Trouble Again
Bad Bet
Why is a Betsy DeVos appointee quitting his job and calling for student debt forgiveness?
Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan
How Autocracy Comes to America: Big Tech and National Security
Key Bowser Aide Behind Safety Delays

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