Links 10/31/19

Happy Halloween! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Cancer-causing superbug has become twice as hard to kill
The Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Acidified the Ocean in a Flash
Five Reasons the Diet Soda Myth Won’t Die
A Textbook Evolutionary Story About Moths and Bats Is Wrong
Are Black Scientists Being Punished for What They Want to Study?


Conservatives Made Trump And They Should Shut Up
Choose Ottawa’s suburbs, deal with the traffic woes
Are Liberal Arts Colleges Doomed?
DeVos held in contempt for violating judge’s order on student loans
The First Election at the End of the World
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dismantled Mark Zuckerberg and His Policy on Politicians Lying in Ads
Republicans have embraced an ideology of grievance and it’s a threat to public safety
Bill Barr’s alternate universe “investigation” has a goal: Right-wing authoritarian rule
The embarrassing epilogue to the media’s obsession with Hillary Clinton’s emails
The Enduring Power of Anticapitalism in American Politics
Trump Isn’t Totally Wrong About the Deep State
Equifax used “admin/admin” as login and pass for an unencrypted server full of your personal data
Insurance companies aren’t doctors. So why do we keep letting them practice medicine?
Team Trump admits holding back billions for Puerto Rico disaster recovery (add it to the list of impeachable offenses)
America’s Military Mania Is Hurting Democracy
Why Don’t Rich People Just Stop Working? (bad values?)
Blame the policies, not the robots
Anybody but Bernie—or Warren: Unable to deal with the declining appeal of centrism in their party, moneyed Democrats are fantasizing about imaginary presidential candidates.
The Wall Streeters who actually like Elizabeth Warren
The Chicago Teachers Strike Proves We Can’t Rely on Democrats
Voting machines pose a greater threat to our elections than foreign agents

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