Links 10/29/19

Links for you. Science:

Using Old Cellphones to Listen for Illegal Loggers
A new pesticide is all the buzz
Bipartisan Report Says Trump’s Abuse Has Pushed Federal Science to a ‘Crisis’
The White House didn’t like my agency’s research. So it sent us to Missouri.
The warming climate is turning baby sea turtles one gender


Cancel All the Student Debt: It’s About Economic and Racial Justice
The left should be pushing for a huge expansion of public libraries.
Land Value Tax: Can it Work in the District?
Salt-of-the-earth GOP senator humiliates a ‘smug, rich liberal elitist’
The Medicare for All Cost Debate Is Extremely Dishonest
I could be a whistleblower. So could anyone with a TV.
There Is No Such Thing As ‘At Cost’ at Trump Doral
WE DON’T DEMONSTRATE BECAUSE OUR ELECTORAL CAMPAIGNS ARE TOO DAMN LONG (more prosaically, it’s too hard to find parking)
‘We’ve got a queer running for president!’ Tennessee official bursts into a racist, anti-gay rant at council meeting
Gonna start sharing some opinions about Christians
The Bernie Rally Felt So Much Bigger Than Bernie
The Case for an Outright Ban on Facial Recognition Technology
President Trump Debuted Two New Assaults on the Constitution in Two Days
There Are No Referees
“Everybody Is Freaking Out”: Freelance Writers Scramble to Make Sense of New California Law
Impeachment is too important to leave to Congress — it’s going to take mass mobilization
The Public Option Bait and Switch
Inside Trump’s First Pentagon Briefing
AOC’s Sanders Endorsement Won’t Change 2020. But It Might Change the Democratic Party.
Democrats Want to be Economic Populists. Why Are They Clinging to a Flawed Reagan-Era Tax Credit?
Sanders: I Wouldn’t Make Obama’s Mistake of Shutting Down Grassroots Pressure on Washington
When major firms could no longer stomach the risk, Trump turned to this shadow bank
‘Sci-fi makes you stupid’ study refuted by scientists behind original research

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