Links 9/19/19

Links for you. Science:

Smithsonian Researchers Triple the Number of Electric Eel Species, Including One With Record-Setting Shock Ability
A Famous Argument Against Free Will Has Been Debunked
Hype vs. Reality at the MIT Media Lab
Nursing Homes Are a Breeding Ground for a Fatal Fungus
There may have been dozens more deaths linked to the Flint water crisis than previously known


The Necessary Radicalism of Bernie Sanders. His plan to enhance workplace democracy puts the strike back where it belongs: at the center of political power.
She’s just like you and me But she’s homeless
The U.S. Attorney Got The Numbers Wrong. Here’s A Look At D.C.’s Actual Incarceration Rate
How Apple’s Apps Topped Rivals in the App Store It Controls
‘They Have A Greed Problem’: National Grid Refuses To Give Desperate Brooklyn Residents New Gas Hookups (to those who caterwaul about TEH SOCIALISMZ!, this is how you turn people into socialists)
Dan Helmer looks to help Democrats take the Virginia House. Here’s what he said about our issues.
Paul Ryan joins DC think tank (told you…)
I Was Caroline Calloway: Seven years after I met the infamous Instagram star, I’m ready to tell my side of the story.
The Alabama Democratic Party is like a wolf; or Jim Harbaugh
The gig economy has costs. We can no longer ignore them.
Tell Us About It Grandpa
Republican Gerrymander Whiz Had Wider Influence Than Was Known
Three Ways to Fix the Drug Industry’s Rampant Dysfunction
Former FEMA Official Accused of Taking Bribes in Hurricane Maria Recovery
This is how the Trump administration quietly incapacitates the government
Robert Frank’s Curious Perspective
A company suggested installing solar panels near Virginia Civil War battlefields. Locals raged — and what happened next will happen again, experts say.
For more than a year, DC has experimented with giving rental subsidy recipients control over their spending. It’s working.
Andrew Bacevich, Ending War, American-Style
The Trump Organization’s Hostile Takeover of the U.S. Government
Remember Trump’s Charlottesville Comments? Conservatives Don’t.

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3 Responses to Links 9/19/19

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    A company suggested installing solar panels near Virginia Civil War battlefields. Locals raged — and what happened next will happen again, experts say.
    A bunch of well-off and selfish bastards go NIMBY. Solar panels can be elevated to the point cattle can graze under them. There would only need to be an occasional foundation for stout steel or concrete posts to hold the overhead structure. The nimbys can be quite inventive when they cry about Holy Civil War battlefields desecrated by the Solar Farms, but a bunch of cows taking endless craps on the sacred pastures is A-OK. Even freaking landfills are out of bounds for these sons of unwed mothers.

    Even in Amherst, Massachusetts, there are opposition groups to installing photovoltaic cells. The Amherst Citizens for Responsible Solar have several arguments including health concerns regarding putting solar panels on a landfill (Hersh, 2011). Although these concerns were addressed by town officials, the group has still been a major impediment to the project and may cause the system to never be installed.

    Will the landfill become a worse health hazard? Or is it the solar cells which are going to get sick? But it sounds good. Notice these people have plenty of money to buy high-priced consultants.

    ‘They Have A Greed Problem’: National Grid Refuses To Give Desperate Brooklyn Residents New Gas Hookups
    The corporate swine are no longer afraid of “government”, and are beginning to flex their muscles. The links this evening are unusually depressing. Starting with Reagan and maybe Carter, regulation and control of the corporate entities has been steadily failing. Lots of stories about the latest Trump Horror, but he’s just the latest and greatest. The story about nursing home infections was heartbreaking. In a well run country, things would be happening to end that. The US is no longer a well run country. Destruction of the FAA and Boeing running wild is another indication of our condition. But back to a previous story, the one involving the totally limp and useless FDA:

    Three Ways to Fix the Drug Industry’s Rampant Dysfunction

    So he set out to create his own pharmacy, a service that would test drugs before dispensing them. “If there had been an easier way, I would have done that,” he says. Today, along with molecular biologist (and former Yale classmate) David Light, he is the cofounder of Valisure, a mail-order pharmacy that tests each batch of drugs it receives from wholesalers or distributors (generic, brand name, and even some over-the-counter items) for dose, dissolution (an indicator of how quickly it is absorbed), and impurities. Customers only receive medicine that is free of contaminants and meets federal standards for dose and dissolution. They receive a certificate of analysis with each refill.

    Last year I had a prescription medication which suddenly wasn’t working. I did the same thing as Adam Clark-Joseph – made a frantic internet search for somebody who could do a chemical test to see if I was getting a cheap foreign counterfeit. Like him, I found there was nobody. This is something the FDA ought to be doing, but because of all the Presidential Putzes we’ve had as well as the willingness of both parties to be bribed to Destroy Government, a person is forced to pay extra to try to get a measure of safety. I’m going to contact that Valisure outfit to see if I can afford their medications. The business of getting a letter from your pharmacist telling you a drug you’ve been taking is loaded with cancer-causing rocket-fuel chemicals something to be avoided if possible. Trump is an ignorant asshole for sure, but the only real difference between him, Obama, Bush the dumber, Clinton, Bush the groper, and Saint Reagan is that he is an unhinged motor mouth. The others went down the same path, but were more discreet about it.

    Hype vs. Reality at the MIT Media Lab
    I’d always had a rather high opinion of MIT, but this stuff looks like 200 proof “con job”.

    The food computer promises a revolution on two fronts. First, it could turn farming on its head by creating “recipes” for plants’ optimal growth conditions. “What if you could take this apple, digitize it somehow, send it through particles in the air and reconstitute it on the other side?” Harper asked in a 2015 TED Talk.
    Second, food could be grown anywhere, no matter how hot the weather gets. People could grow food in cities or in deserts, reducing the likelihood of famine and the need to ship it around the world. The precise climate in Bordeaux could be recreated in a box in the Sahara — or on Mars.

    I can understand how ‘seductive’ this nonsense would be to some billionaires with more money than brains. They could buy a bunch of the wonderful devices and would be totally immune to the coming chaos and starvation going on in the rest of the world. Climate Change? “I’m OK!” says Mr. Moneybags.

  2. Bern says:

    I’m just focusing on the photo today, and proposing that the Swamp Thang is less an actual hurricane, and rather more of a failed Hurricane Whisperer…

  3. Zachary Smith says:

    Something I found at the Naked Capitalism site:

    When Big Business Won’t Let the Troops Repair Their Equipment

    “The Clinton folks went to the defense industry and said, ‘You are the seller, we are the buyer, how would you like us to buy from you?’” says Loeb. “Imagine going to a car dealer and saying that.”

    This is insane.

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