Links 8/30/19

Links for you. Science:

Why replacing cocaine barons with cattle ranchers is destroying the Amazon
D.C. is adding freshwater mussels to the Anacostia River to help clean it
Scientists decry ‘ignorance’ of rolling back species protections in the midst of a mass extinction
The US won’t provide flu vaccines to migrant families at border detention camps
The Frozen Potential of Microbial Collections


Bernie Sanders unveils sweeping workplace democracy plan (really raises the bar; much of it doesn’t require Congress–he’s got a plan for that!)
American cities need to phase out cars (yes, they do)
Trump keeps pushing anti-Semitic stereotypes. But he thinks he’s praising Jews. (important; also, not-stupid Jews realize that philo-Semitism often turns very nasty, very quickly)
Donald Trump Is Not Well
What Negative Interest Rates Mean And What We Should Do
Fed Employee Claims “Evidence of Possible Misconduct” in IRS Audit of DT’s Tax Returns
Donald Trump Is Bad for the Jews
Ohio white nationalist, anti-Semite arrested for threatening to shoot up Jewish community center, police say
Trump Inflating Scottish Golf Resorts’ Value By $165 Million, Per UK Filings
How YouTube Came to Promote Fascism
Sexism in the Academy
Ingrained racism is the reason Americans can’t have nice things
How slavery became America’s first big business
The Real Reason Obama Didn’t Pass Gun Control
Riotlandia: Why Portland Has Become the Epicenter of Far-Right Violence
Our over-reliance on monetary policy is the problem
Hate crime reports have soared in D.C. Prosecutions have plummeted. (one more reason why D.C. needs statehood)
The Green New Deal (Sanders’ Green New Deal plan)
‘He’s empty’: Psychiatrist warns Trump is in a ‘psychotic-like state’ (I’ve been saying this…)
The $15 minimum wage bill has all but died in the Senate
Faithless elector: A court ruling just changed how we pick our president
Art Spiegelman: golden age superheroes were shaped by the rise of fascism

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Faithless elector: A court ruling just changed how we pick our president ***
    With modern deferred bribery schemes (the kids get into Harvard/Wife wins lottery, etc) this could be a disaster, for all you’d have to do is have Fox News gin up some ‘controversy” and/or turn it into an “ethical” issue and more than one elector could bail out. This needs to be fixed!

    *** ‘He’s empty’: Psychiatrist warns Trump is in a ‘psychotic-like state’ ***
    *** Donald Trump Is Bad for the Jews ***
    *** Donald Trump Is Not Well ***
    IMO all these are related. The man has severe psychological issues. The way that’s becoming more and more obvious is one of the reasons I don’t believe he can possibly win in 2020. Trying to put myself into the thinking pattern of DJT is impossible, but I’m gonna try anyhow – on the single issue of American Jews. He accepts they mostly didn’t vote for him. That means they’re his personal enemies, but it’s no longer acceptable to demonize them in the traditional ways. So he makes a swing below the belt and says they’re obliged to have a ‘primary loyalty’ to a foreign state. (and they’re not patriotic Americans because they don’t support him) This increases the danger for American Jews, for not only are they New Testament Christ Killers, but now they’re also All-American traitors. Double jeopardy, and all for not being loud supporters of his precious self. When people were worrying about the mental stability of Nixon during his last days and weeks as President, there were grownups around to keep an eye on The Nuclear Button”. Does anyone think Lardbody Pomeo can be relied upon to do that? Holier Than Thou Pence?

    *** The Green New Deal ***
    It’s not enough, but I’ve not seen any other plans which are better.

    *** How slavery became America’s first big business ***
    The interviewer could have hardly chosen a better person to speak with than Edward Baptist. Slavery was a very big business, and the associations were worldwide. I’d maintain the situation was considerably worse than described in this short article, and that’s all the more reason to borrow or buy the book “The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism”. Slavery during the antebellum years was evolving, and definitely for the worse. IMO we’re very fortunate the Republican Party appeared when it did, and Lincoln became President when he did. A few years later and the Slavocracy would have been entrenched world-wide and basically unbeatable.

    *** What Negative Interest Rates Mean And What We Should Do ***
    I thought his analysis was excellent, but his solutions not so much so. Lots of wishful thinking involved with the latter.

    *** Bernie Sanders unveils sweeping workplace democracy plan ***
    I’m becoming more and more convinced the DNC will do whatever it takes to keep Sanders out of the White House. It’s the oxes of the DNC Donor Class at risk of being gored by these socialist schemes. One thing I’d add would be a 99% income tax on any executive salaries exceeding 100 times those of the lowest paid workers. That would include profits from the Stocks and Options they’ve been given.

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