Links 7/23/19

Links for you. Science:

What You Need to Know About Resistant Urinary Tract Infections
The Alaska Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts Would Be a Disaster for U.S. Climate Research
Quantifying and Understanding Well-to-Well Contamination in Microbiome Research
Pathogen Taxonomy Updates at the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database: Implications for Molecular Epidemiology
HIV’s genetic code, extracted from a nub of tissue, adds to evidence of virus’ emergence in humans a century ago


Bear Witness Faithfully
In a Wheelchair and Hungry
How the Stress of Separation and Detention Changes the Lives of Children
US Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes bill for tuition-free college, end to student debt
Deb Haaland Wants Justice for the Wounded Knee Massacre
Are tech companies Africa’s new colonialists?
Trump Retweets Commercial For His International Golf Courses
New election systems use vulnerable software
A Brief History of the White House Cutting Itself Off From DC
Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 by 2025 would lift wages for over 33 million workers
With coal in free-fall, Wyoming faces an uncertain future
Trump appoints disgraced ex-GOP Gov Scott Walker to oversee scholars at the Smithsonian Institution
What Americans Do Now Will Define Us Forever
Border Patrol Official Circulates Article That Deems Our Reporting on Secret Facebook Group a Threat
It Can Happen Here
Eleanor Holmes Norton’s fight for equal pay in 1970 still resonates today
Donna Shalala Opposes Florida Drug Import Bill, and So Do Her Pharma Lobbyist Donors
New York City Is Still a Disaster for the Disabled
At Netroots Nation, a Worker’s Voice Spoke Volumes (every Democrat should have a response to the Bain Bustout)
3-Year-Old Asked To Pick Parent In Attempted Family Separation, Her Parents Say

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2 Responses to Links 7/23/19

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    Regarding all the links here about Trump’s disgusting behavior in this or that, I can’t see any reason to get excited. Pelosi and the other neocon/conservative Democrats have his back, and that’s that. I’m not going to elevate my blood pressure for something I have zero power to alter.

    *** US Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes bill for tuition-free college, end to student debt ***
    The student debt issue is going to be a hard sell unless it’s reframed. I’d propose that all student loans dating back for at least 40 years be converted to .1% (uncompounded) interest rates. People who had paid more money on their loans – successfully or not – would be refunded anything they’d paid in excess of the principal and the .1% interest. The actual money amounts students had borrowed would still be due and payments expected. Garnishment of wages and pensions wouldn’t exceed some rather low percentage. How would this be paid for? I don’t give a hoot. Call it a punishment of the US Government for allowing Biden and others like him for giving the banks the opportunity to become bloodsuckers. Personally, I’d advocate the banks be forced to live with the pounds of flesh they’ve already gouged out. They’d get their original loan amounts back – let them live with it.

    *** What Americans Do Now Will Define Us Forever ***
    I doubt it. Under the unlikely assumption there will be a future writing books about and studying this era, Trump will be whitewashed and his sins barely mentioned. Just as has happened with the other almost forgotten episodes of American horror.

    *** Deb Haaland Wants Justice for the Wounded Knee Massacre ***
    Revoking a few medals is an OK idea, but doing so is NOT “justice”. There is no way at all to help the people who were murdered, and no way to punish their killers. Back in those days the US Army enlisted scum of the Earth. Unfortunately the Philippines got the same treatment as the Indians, for the same US soldiers did both. Mass murder galore.

    *** Bear Witness Faithfully ***
    Good essay by a competent author. I don’t know why the US Congress doesn’t make it illegal for anybody else to use the terms “holocaust” or “concentration camps”. Twenty years in prison and fines amounting to everything they own would be about right. The Six Million are the only ones who count! That’s for the past, the present, and the future.
    The slave trade involved massive raids and murders and disruptions in Africa. High percentages of those put on the slave ships died, and many more were “used up” in the sugar islands as well as in the Slave South. Assume 10 million transported across the Atlantic. The deaths in Africa will have been many more than that. Does Not Count!
    Total death toll of Natives in north and South America? Well over 100 million. Casual little slaughters like at Wounded Knee were chump change, normally as forgettable as some German troops wiping out a Russian village. Does Not Count!
    Speaking of the Soviet Union, Stalin killed a bunch of folks.

    ^^^ Although not everyone who was swept up in the aforementioned events died from unnatural causes, Medvedev’s 20 million non-combatant deaths estimate is likely a conservative guess.^^^

    During the Thirties the NYT and others had a ‘crush’ on Communism, and waved off the horror stories. During WW2 it was necessary to reinvent “Uncle Joe” as a ‘nice guy. Even today an amazing number of people deny the Labor Camps, the artificial Ukraine Famine, and all the rest. Does Not Count!
    Of course the Nazis had their own agenda, and starved to death a million or so Russian POWs, and another half million in Leningrad. A million here, and another million there adds up. Forty million total deaths minus 15 million Russian military deaths comes out to 25 million civilians who Do Not Count.
    The Brits under Churchill offed two or three million Indians in 1943, but like in the US, who cares? Indians of both Asia and North America Do Not Count.

    Headline: “Mao’s Great Leap Forward ‘killed 45 million in four years”. Apologists guarantee this did not happen. But even in the unlikely event it did, Chinese Deaths Do Not Count. Just like when the occupying Japanese killed millions of them. “The Chinese estimate that that the Japanese military murdered more than 10,000,000 Chinese civilians during World War II.” Who can trust a bunch of Ch*nks to tally up such big numbers, Not That It Matters anyhow.

    Let’s cut to the chase – the Only deaths which really matter; the Only genocide which can even be mentioned – let alone discussed, is The Holocaust©. Come on Pelosi, do your job and get this into the law books.

    Afterthought: wouldn’t surprise me at all if the peckerheads who obsessively deny Hitler did anything wrong aren’t getting quiet support from somebody or other – just like the Climate Deniers. It’s so useful to have them around that it seems to me the money would be well spent.

  2. Zachary Smith says:

    Extreme Posting Negligence: forgot to mention a recent news story from the Apartheid State.

    The beauty of claiming exclusive ownership to The Holocaust© is that you can use it for anything at all, and if anybody disputes whatever it is you’re chanting at the moment, it’s Proof Positive they’re Anti-Semitic.

    If I happen to fall in love with a Jewish woman and marry, then both she and I are engaged in a Second Holocaust®. Probably some suitable punishment for the both of us can be found in the Old Testament. They were pretty inventive way back then. I’m guessing Pelosi et. al. would follow any instructions they get in this regard.

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