Links 7/18/19

Links for you. Science:

Can a Snail Too Tiny to See Save a Kentucky Forest From a Gas Pipeline?
Archaic tooth gives some teeth to theory of interbreeding among different kinds of humans
Sharks on Cape Cod: Just how scared should we be?
A Massive Hunk Of Ice Will Reshape The World’s Coastlines Sooner Than We Thought
Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering.


The reason I’m so pessimistic about Democrats in 2020 is because everything happening with impeachment is how they folded on healthcare a decade ago.
AOC and “the Squad” Are Actually the Sensible, Mainstream Centrists in Their Fight With Nancy Pelosi
Election Systems Across Country Use Software Vulnerable To Hackers
We’ve just lived through the greatest period of restaurant growth in U.S. history. Here’s why it’s ending.
Puerto Rico’s Former Education Secretary Arrested on Fraud Charges
Cars significantly more dangerous than guns in New York, new data shows
Can We Just Get Rid of the Filibuster Already?
Trump Is Poised to Sign a Radical Agreement to Send Future Asylum Seekers to Guatemala
Beach town urbanism: There’s big density in small spaces in Cape May
Few things worry China’s elite more than getting their kids into Harvard
He’s Gay. His Main Opponent Makes Homophobic Remarks.
When Big Tobacco Invoked Eric Garner to Fight a Menthol Cigarette Ban: Corporate lobbyists are increasingly highlighting the concerns of black New Yorkers to support their clients’ causes. (concerns might belong in scare quotes)
Why A “Public Option” Isn’t Enough
Alan Roth: For Mendelson and others, ‘winning ugly’ will reverberate harshly
Trump, the press, and the politics of pain
Twitter says Trump’s tweet didn’t violate its rules against racism but won’t say why
Joe Biden proposes radical leftist health-care plan
Is Banning Private Insurance the New Individual Mandate?
Ex-Fox & Friends co-host Clayton Morris leaves country amid fraud allegations (love it or leave it!)
Julián Castro: ‘Instead of breaking up families, we should break up ICE’
A female historian wrote a book. Two male historians went on NPR to talk about it. They never mentioned her name. It’s Sarah Milov. They have tenure. She does not.

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2 Responses to Links 7/18/19

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** A Massive Hunk Of Ice Will Reshape The World’s Coastlines Sooner Than We Thought *** and *** Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering. ***

    These two essays aggravate me not because they’re necessarily awful, but because they could have been a lot better. Neither Forbes nor the Neocon York Times found it necessary to have them written by people with any kind of science or medical background. Matt Richtel doesn’t appear to have a clue about the existence of “biofilms” as an agent in hiding UTIs from antibiotics.

    I’m going to give Eric Mack more credit for his science writing work, but in the linked piece he doesn’t appear to understand the time frame for ocean rise from ice melting is NOT 100 or 150 years. The man isn’t any kind of Denier, but his work seems to be finding and retyping interesting science news stories. He really goofed big-time on one such effort with this headline at Forbes:

    *** New Science Suggests Biblical City Of Sodom Was Smote By An Exploding Meteor ***
    That’s based on a single-source “report” written by a “Dean” of an unaccredited online Christian College.

    Pure nonsense, that, but it sounded like an exciting discovery, and Mr. Mack didn’t notice the holes you could drive a semi-tractor trailer through.

    *** He’s Gay. His Main Opponent Makes Homophobic Remarks. ***
    I’m not going to condemn the old guy for his public remarks. At least he’s making it clear where he stands on the issue at hand, quite unlike a lot of other folks who pretend to have altered their beliefs. The voters in his district now have a clear choice. They’re going to be better off than I was when I thought I was voting for a genuine Democrat back in 2012. That’s when Joe Donnelly became a backstabbing Senator from Indiana. That worthless POS was a Republican in everything except the labelling. I actually voted for the equally awful Mike Braun because if I’m going to have horrible votes by a Senator, I want them to be clearly labelled as to party affiliation so people will know who to blame.

    The story about the female historian was depressing to read, and did nothing to raise my extremely low opinion of NPR.

  2. Zachary Smith says:

    *** AOC and “the Squad” Are Actually the Sensible, Mainstream Centrists in Their Fight With Nancy Pelosi ***

    This “squad” has pulled off the unusual feat of making both Pelosi and Trump look like ***holes. Regarding that “squad”, just saw a tidbit at the very pro-Netanyahu propaganda site called “DEBKA” which is interesting if true. (this place lies A Lot!) It’s short, and I don’t want to link the sorry joint, so here it is:

    “US Democratic Congress members Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib say they are planning to visit Israel and the West Bank in the coming weeks. Israel’s “occupation” will be the theme of their trip. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be called on to decide whether to deny the two US lawmakers entry over their support for legislation for boycotting Israel and anti-Israel and anti-Jewish comments. Israeli law permits barring entry to pro-BDS activists although waivers are allowed when denial would harm Israel’s foreign relations.”

    What’s the PM of the Apartheid State going to do? Let them in, and Trump will howl. Tell them “No” and there could be some other consequences. This might turn out to be an independent evaluation of how much clout the Orange POTUS is viewed as currently having.

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