Links 7/7/19

Links for you. Science:

Pandemic fluoroquinolone resistant Escherichia coli clone ST1193 emerged via simultaneous homologous recombinations in 11 gene loci.
Vietnam hospitals a hotspot of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
A Water-Stressed World Turns to Desalination
Klebsiella variicola: an emerging pathogen in humans
Iguanas spread in Florida as climate warms: ‘They’re a menace’


The Real Threat From Facebook’s Libra Coin
Far-Right Extremists Wanted Blood In Portland’s Streets. Once Again, They Got It.
What Free College Really Means
Whose Side Is The DCCC On?
What a Pediatrician Saw Inside a Border Patrol Warehouse
July 4th fireworks donor lobbied President Trump on tariffs and won a reprieve
‘Other-blamers’: Psychology expert explains how Trump hijacks voters’ brains with his abusive personality style (partial explanation; many supporters gain obvious advantages from supporting him)
Legalize It: The apartment has been banned in far too many places, deepening racial divides and driving up rents. Oregon is set to be the first state to fix that—and it won’t be the last.
Here’s what the early Democratic primary polls really tell us
I Shouldn’t Be Forced to Give Birth to a Baby Who Won’t Live
Majority Backs ‘Medicare for All’ Replacing Private Plans, if Preferred Providers Stay
Former Bernie Staffers Launch Consulting Firm to ‘Primary the Consulting Class’
Google’s Manual Interventions in Search Results
Why nearly 350,000 workers in mostly red states aren’t seeing wage increases, even though their local lawmakers passed them
Border agency knew about secret Facebook group for years (given the high number of members, how could they have not?)
Border Patrol agents allegedly tried to shame a migrant by making him hold a sign reading ‘I like men,’ emails show
Ten common myths about bike lanes – and why they’re wrong
Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Is Still On Twitter Despite Ban — And Now We Know Where
Lost in a wall of smoke: Why so many people couldn’t see Washington’s July 4th fireworks (“The monitor along Benning Rd NE and DC-295 had two hours of almost 500 micrograms per cubic meter… Those numbers rival highest values from the California wildfires last year.” Heckuva job, Donnie!)

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2 Responses to Links 7/7/19

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    ***Vietnam hospitals a hotspot of antibiotic-resistant bacteria***

    Why do I never read any articles about Hospital Safety which speak about their basic design, or of how they are “cleaned” by the lowest paid and worst-treated workers in the building?

    My doctor’s office bans any magazines or newspapers from the waiting room during flu season, but the air handling system has – so far as I could determine by asking the doctor and nurses there – no sterilization features at all. Even my home system has an expensive UV light which blasts the germs and spores as they move by it. For starters, why not install a dozen or more of same bulbs in that system’s air vents to minimize the exposure to all the medical workers and other patients from that waiting room full of SICK people. The very worst case of flu I ever had came right after being in a room with horribly ill people – I was there for a painful ear ache.

    I’m pretty sure I’m into fantasy land here, for my Corporate Medical Practice is all about maximizing income and minimizing outlays. Rather like Boeing, though on a much smaller scale.

  2. Molly Cruz says:

    Ever since the collective outcry against Citizens United, I have asked the question concerning freedom of speech that I ask again- concerning the online hate group on the border- which as to do with self identification and the virtue of exposing people for what they are, like fly paper attracting flies and leaving them stuck there for all the world to see. Isn’t that a good thing? I guess this attitude requires the faith that bigots are born, not made. When they flock together, they amount to a visible swarm, which may give them some kind of power, but also makes them identifiable, which has its advantages. Just as when Adelman or the Koch brothers flood a candidate with money, they also paint that candidate with a marker that defines him for those who may be ignorant of his real motives. Repressing this kind of marker could be more harmful in the end, and this fact is part of the genius of the First Amendment, no? Let them spin. Otherwise, how shall we know them?

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