Links 7/1/19

Links for you. Science:

Pollinator Cities Really Could Save the Monarchs
Octopus Arms Are Capable of Making Decisions Without Input From Their Brains
American sunscreen may damage coral reefs — unlike sunscreen you can buy overseas. Here’s why.
About the Idea That You’re Growing Horns From Looking Down at Your Phone…
USDA division votes to unionize as employees protest planned relocation


Why are US drivers killing so many pedestrians?
The Supreme Court Ruled that You Consent to a Blood Test by Driving on Roads
Corporate Confession: Gangs Ran This Private Prison
A Little Honesty May Help Sell the Green New Deal
WBUR Poll: Just 29% Approve Of The Way Baker Has Handled The MBTA
Another Impeachment Rant
The Nonprofit Hospital That Makes Millions, Owns a Collection Agency and Relentlessly Sues the Poor (the judge seems like an asshole)
Jay Inslee promised serious climate policy and he is delivering
Most of the District’s $215 million sports gambling contract to benefit companies with ties to city hall
Jay Inslee is writing the climate plan the next president should adopt
What’s In Jack’s Wallet? Capital One is Evans’s bank of choice
Jay Inslee has a radical plan to phase out fossil fuel production in the US
My Plan to Strengthen Our Democracy (Warren)
Face Value
How Elizabeth Warren plans to revamp the State Department
Charlie Sykes: Democrats Must Run a Republican to Win in 2020!
Dinner with a War Criminal
An Odd Coupling: Big Pharma, Jack Klugman, and the most expensive drug in the world
How Internet Insinuation Becomes Campaign Fact: On the Curious Case of Elizabeth Warren and the “Charter School Lobbyist” Who Wasn’t (mostly good, but it does ignore Warren’s support for Race to the Top)

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