Links 6/24/19

Links for you. Science:

Top D.C. health official urges principals to help boost measles vaccination rate
The Forgotten Operating System That Keeps the NYC Subway System Alive
Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement
In the face of slow progress, WHO offers a new tool and sets a target to accelerate action against antimicrobial resistance


Universal Rent Control Now
Democrats are seriously tackling the climate crisis: No more half-measures or neoliberal compromises
D.C. wrestles with symbol of past as drug kingpin seeks early release from prison
What Do Tattoo Artists Think About D.C. Flag Tattoos?
Drug Cop Worth $400 Million After Bets on Brooklyn Real Estate
City of Secrets: Estimated 10,000 people in DC are spies
The Price of Insulin Is a National Disgrace
The danger of Tom Cotton
So what happens when Donald Trump refuses to leave office? The nightmare scenario could happen
What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane
On Being Serious
Cities Start to Question an American Ideal: A House With a Yard on Every Lot
Dacha Owners Sued for Fraud and Over $270K in Unpaid Bills
Insulin Insanity
Trump plans to turn the Fourth of July into a political rally in honor of himself
JBG Smith accused of not honoring housing vouchers in Shaw
Boeing Sells 0 Planes on First Day of Paris Air Show v. 123 for Airbus, Yet Boeing Still Pushing for More Weakening of FAA Standards Via Greater Use of Computer Testing
For those with hearing impairments, restaurant noise isn’t just an irritation. It’s discrimination.
Please Stop Thinking This Will Be a Fair Election
Metro Investigation Into Jack Evans ‘Found Evidence of Multiple Violations’

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