Links 6/20/19

Links for you. Science:

It Doesn’t Help to Believe No One Will Survive Climate Change
Are we killing off all the wild buffalo that still know how to roam?
Warning of ‘Pig Zero’: One Drugmaker’s Push to Sell More Antibiotics
Could Antibiotics Be A Silver Bullet For Kids In Africa?
Nutrition for One? Scientists Stalk the Dream of a Personalized Diet


Appeals Court Rebukes Brett Kavanaugh, Grants Abortion Access to Undocumented Minors
How Should We Define the Suburbs? (I define them as a place you need a car)
So Much for Worshipping Meritocracy
Welcome to the Age of Surveillance Capitalism
How Long Must We Keep A Straight Face?
Campaign Conventional Wisdom Is Dead
ICE deported veterans while ‘unaware’ it was required to carefully screen them, report says
Company part-owned by Jared Kushner got $90m from unknown offshore investors since 2017
New push for Washington, D.C., statehood hits the presidential campaign trail
Against The Backdrop Of Barry Farm’s Demolition, The Goodman League Returns
Journalists can’t repeat their Watergate-hero act. The reasons should make us grieve.
Beware Joe Biden’s “national unity” campaign: Win or lose, it’s a bad idea
The Democratic debates are going to be a fiasco
The Republican Party Is Waging War Against Free and Fair Elections in This Country
The Grifter still owes D.C. $7 million in inaugural costs as he plans to stiff the district again
In 1991, Joe Biden Was Skeptical Clarence Thomas Would Be Extreme On Abortion
Revealed: Americans care more about social needs than deficits
Bernie Sanders injects a big idea into the presidential race
Cory Booker Secures 12 Co-Sponsors for Reparations Bill
D.C.’s sports betting contract reeks of cronyism

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