Links 6/17/19

Links for you. Science:

White House blocked intelligence agency’s written testimony calling climate change ‘possibly catastrophic’
With 2020 in mind, Trump overruled top health official on fetal tissue
The NIH’s extramural workforce craves stability
Here’s Why the Black-White IQ Gap Is Almost Certainly Environmental
Meet the biggest and smallest dinosaurs in the Smithsonian’s redesigned exhibit
During the mating season male echidnas will follow females around in a line.


Impeach Trump and don’t worry (much) about President Mike Pence. We already have him.
Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan for Everything — Except Health Care
Why’s everyone talking about upzoning? It’s the foundation of green, equitable cities.
‘Help Us!’ The Panic at D.C. Pride (what actually happened here)
Every Debate Is About the Climate Crisis. But There Should be a Debate Solely Devoted to the Climate Crisis.
‘Cultural Marxism’: The Mainstreaming of a Nazi Trope
From The New Deal To The Green New Deal
Hotel In Small-Town Michigan Offers Free Lodging To Women Traveling For Abortion
Elizabeth Warren Is Right on Currency Values
The Washington Post Won’t Hire an Ombudsman, So CJR Just Hired One for It
Who says cheaters never prosper?
Uber’s Path of Destruction
The Democratic Presidential Candidates Mostly Agree on Marijuana Legalization. The Exception? Joe Biden
What a ‘Living Wage’ Actually Means
Elaine Chao’s conflicts of interests could have major consequences
When abortion was illegal: A 1966 Post series revealed how women got them anyway
Fact-checking Democrats in the age of chronic Trump lies
The thing that is so numbing and dispiriting about Pelosi’s refusal to impeach Trump is how it feels like his final conquest of American society. Now even his enemies have agreed to live his lie.
NYPD, Apology for Stonewall Not Accepted
Better Schools Won’t Fix America

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    hey Mike, the link for the environmental IQ divide thing is missing, and i totally want to read that! thanks for all the good info you send our way every dang day,

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