Links 6/12/19

Links for you. Science:

Why Crocodiles Are Not Just Living Fossils
An Experimental Ebola Cure May Also Protect Against Nipah Virus
Surgeons opened her skull to remove a cancerous tumor. Instead, they found a tapeworm.
Everyone Knows Money Influences Politics … Except Scientists
Why crowded meetings and conference rooms make you so, so tired


What Two Crucial Words in the Constitution Actually Mean (excellent)
Jim Hoagland and the Washington Post Agree to Play Straight Man in the Globalization Debate
Oh Jared
Activism Works: Connecticut Becomes Latest State to Pass $15 Minimum Wage
The “New York Times” vs. Senator Bernie Sanders
Rewarding Failing Schools
Young People’s Love of Cities Isn’t a Passing Fad
‘American History X’ Premiered 20 Years Ago, But It’s More Relevant Than Ever
How do you solve a problem like The Donald?
‘Gatekeeper Mentality’ of DCCC Blacklist Adding to Divisions Within Democratic Party
Hey this is Michael Tracey
State’s Highest Court Holds NYC Liable for Injuries on Streets Without Traffic Calming
Why the U.S. economy is worse than it seems
Dear Robert Mueller: Your report can’t speak for itself
The GOP’s secret roadmap to undermine the 2020 census
Warren Calls for ‘Actively Managing’ Dollar Value to Boost Jobs
Many books aren’t fact-checked, and we’re increasingly realizing they’re full of errors.
Some Snapshots of the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households
DPS emails show Texas governor pressed for voter purge that used flawed data
Lobstermen steamed over Trump’s trade war — plead for farmer-style bailout

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