Links 6/10/19

Links for you. Science:

New restriction on fetal tissue research ‘was the president’s decision’
The Truth About Chlorinated Chicken review – an instant appetite-ruiner
Measles outbreaks put U.S. at risk of losing prized ‘elimination’ status
I’ve had a campylobacter infection. It was the most horrible experience of my life.
Elon Musk’s satellites threaten to disrupt the night sky for all of us


A Democratic Socialist Case for the Impeachment of President Donald Trump
A Plan For Economic Patriotism
Was the DC Council really talking about education?
Canadian anti-Goop doctor Jen Gunter takes on at increasingly strict U.S. abortion laws
Republicans Plan to Rig Elections for a Decade
Do Democrats Actually Want to Make Drugs Cheaper?
Not Impeaching May Be the Bigger Risk
It’s time to legalize marijuana nationwide. Here’s my plan to do it.
Gillibrand backs ambitious New York climate plan
Dutch girl was not ‘legally euthanised’ and died at home
Trump Cools on Plans to Pardon Alleged War Criminals (such a horrible, broken person)
Buttigieg’s busted Court plan
1972 Article Surfaces Showing Bernie Sanders Backed Abortion Rights Year Before Roe v Wade
A New Report on Trump’s Foreign Business Holdings Points to a Gobsmacking Level of Corruption
These Conservative Intellectuals Can Go Hash Things Out on Some Desert Island While the Rest of Us Fix the Country
How Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss have taken the NY Times’ campus concern trolling to new heights in just 2 years
Bernie Calls Politico Article Calling Him Cheap “an Anti-Semitic article.”
Campaign Money Helping Make Up For Tenant Shortage At Trump Tower
Can’t beat capitalism with hashtags

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