Links 6/1/19

Links for you. Science:

Fighting antimicrobial resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa with machine learning-enabled molecular diagnostics
The Daily Bucket – life in the upper intertidal zone
Climate change: ‘We’ve created a civilisation hell bent on destroying itself – I’m terrified’, writes Earth scientist
Historically redlined communities face higher asthma rates
How one coder used 23andMe to create a race wall around the web


How socialist health care saves lives
Justin Amash town hall was as notable for how it was covered as for what actually happened (more shit reporting from the NYT)
While you’re sleeping, your iPhone stays busy — snooping on you
The Line Hotel Is Fighting For Its $46 Million Tax Break. Here’s The Backstory
How Bernie Sanders Accidentally Built a Groundbreaking Organizing Movement
How to limit iPhone app tracking
Kellyanne Conway dismisses Hatch Act violation: ‘Let me know when the jail sentence starts’
Robert De Niro: Robert Mueller, We Need to Hear More
Robert Mueller’s past imperfect: A man trapped in a vanished world
Is Conservatism Running on Brand Fumes?
It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to?
It’s Time For Male Bartenders to Dish on D.C. Dating and Dates Gone Awry (the last dating story…)
‘A zombie party’: the deepening crisis of conservatism
The preachers getting rich from poor Americans
Bernie Sanders Is Not That Rich for Someone His Age
The real (surprisingly comforting) reason rural America is doomed to decline
Robert Mueller Just Told Congress to Do Its Damn Job
Market Value: Florida Avenue Market is an island of old D.C. in the ever-encroaching new.
Donald Trump pardons two war criminals and the country shrugs but the world is watching
D.C. Courts Struggle to Make Landlords Improve Desperate Living Conditions

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  1. John Kane says:

    How socialist health care saves lives
    Jesus H C. This is obscene. Of course I live in a country with universal health care. It’s not the greatest but I can walk into any doctor’s office or hospital, flash my health card* and get treatment. No co-payments, no arguments, and the concept of “out of network” does not exist.

    * In an emergency an expired health card or previous admission record will do. Actually no one is likely to worry about it in an emergency. I discovered this after taking a nasty fall during an ice storm that left me with 13 stitches in my head and an expired health card. Staff simply say that they will track it down later.

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