Links 5/30/19

Links for you. Science:

Deep sea corals may be oldest living marine organism
Why So Many Sharks Have Bird Feathers in Their Bellies
The Flight of the Texas Fireflies
A Billion-Year-Old Fungus May Hold Clues to Life’s Arrival on Land
He quit the NFL for a career in math. It wasn’t just about the concussions.
The devastating biological consequences of homelessness


Four years, $13 million and dozens of hands: How ‘affordable housing’ gets made in America (excellent, detailed look at housing policy; also features D.C.’s TOPA, which should be discussed far more in housing policy circles–because why deal in specifics when you can just parachute in with a one-size-fits-all answer?)
‘Battle of the Thermostat’: Cold Rooms May Hurt Women’s Productivity
Frigid Offices Might Be Killing Women’s Productivity
Gotta Play The Game
Public-Private Partnerships Will Never Solve America’s Infrastructure Crisis
Avenatti, Wohl and the Krassensteins Prove Political Media Is a Hucksters’ Paradise
How Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and aides made his blackface scandal even worse (most Democratic professionals suck at their jobs)
What Reparations for Slavery Might Look Like in 2019
Girl, Uninterrupted
Politico piles on the anti-Semitic attacks to go after Bernie Sanders as ‘rich, but cheap’
On a class trip to MFA, an unexpected lesson about racism
A student in Boston wrote ‘I am from Hong Kong.’ An onslaught of Chinese anger followed.
These pills could kill you
The price of insulin is surging. This state is the first to make insurance companies eat the cost. (eat? Or just shift?)
DC is on track to cut this affordable housing preservation tool (why?)
D.C. Auditor Report Suggests Government Money Intended for Specific Purposes Has Been Misused
You’re Not Mapping Rats, You’re Mapping Gentrification
Clients of D.C. Council member Jack Evans had interests before D.C. government
The radical plan to change how Harvard teaches economics
How Dogs Help Keep Multiracial Neighborhoods Socially Segregated

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