Links 5/29/19

Links for you. Science:

Fighting Ebola When Mourners Fight the Responders
We’re finally studying how to combat the anti-vax movement, but the methods may surprise you
Tool use in an elephant
Ravaged by Pig Fever, China’s Farms Now Face Armyworm Invasion
This may be the ocean’s most horrifying monster


Labor Board Plans Rules on Worker Protests, Student Organizing
Why Milkshaking Works
The evidence of Trump’s corruption just keeps growing
Trump Companies Were in the Red. He’s Reaped the Rewards Since
Is it really ok to punch nazis?
From Watchdog To Attack Dog: The Story Of Unsuck D.C. Metro (the problem is that he very quickly veers into ‘newspaper comments section’, which can get…ugly)
Blinded by the Right
Trump’s heroes: war criminals
Scabby the Rat Is Under Attack—And Needs Our Help
Bernie’s Plan to Save Public Schools (my thoughts here)
On being Southern and trying not to hate it
The most important question facing whoever wins the Democratic primary
Evangelical Church Postpones pro-Israel Event After Israeli Diplomats Attend Miami Pride Parade
D.C. Mayor Bowser is playing an old game. We beat it once. We can again.
Black Capitalism Won’t Save Us
Mayor de Blasio cuts library funding after using Park Slope branch as a satellite office for years
Google disables Baltimore officials’ Gmail accounts created during ransomware recovery, says city needs to pay (don’t be evil!)
Sanders’s Education Plan Renews Debate Over Charter Schools and Segregation
How Legalization Changed Humboldt County Marijuana
The Politics of Going to the Bathroom
75% of FTC Officials Worked for Corporations It’s Supposed to Be Regulating
Trump’s D.C. hotel has raked in cash — and only at the cost of America’s dignity
The Shed Sucks: A Dispatch From New York’s Latest Cultural Megaspace

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