Links 5/26/19

Links for you. Science:

New BLAST results to become the default view August 1, 2019
Outcomes for NIH Loan Repayment Program Awardees: A Preliminary Look
What Superbug Hunters Know That We Don’t
‘Earthworm Dilemma’ Has Climate Scientists Racing to Keep Up
The Hidden Heroines of Chaos


How the Danske Bank money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion unraveled
The Bubble
Abortion Bans Don’t Work: The best way to prevent abortions is contraception
Houston Has an Aggressive, Radical Plan to Sell Affordable Housing (modeled after Sanders’ pioneering Community Land Trust)
Are D.C.’s parking woes so bad that the situation needs citizen enforcers? (Yes. Read the comments for amusing driver butthurt)
Bike lanes need barriers, not just paint
Abortion Is Morally Good
The Democratic Party’s Tent Is Too Big
Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun Again
What Happens When Work Becomes a Nonstop Chat Room
We Are Tenants on Our Own Devices
Walking is LA’s future
Scorched Earth
With Trump Involved, Fourth Of July Has Split Into At Least Two Celebrations On The Mall
What science says Uber and Lyft are doing to San Francisco
The last mortals
Disgusting chat log with photos shows alleged tampering with absentee ballots in Miami
We don’t know what Trump’s tax returns are hiding. But the hints are troubling.
New push for Washington, D.C., statehood hits the presidential campaign trail
‘I’m an OB/GYN—All Abortions Should Be Legal. No Exceptions.’

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