Links 5/17/19

Links for you. Science:

How Fish May See Color in the Deep Ocean’s Darkness
Genetically Tweaked Viruses Just Saved a Very Sick Teen
Forget diet and exercise—for better health, we need better cities
This doctor posted online in favor of immunization. Then vaccine opponents targeted her
A Flightless, Chicken-Sized Bird Keeps Re-Evolving Into Existence Because It DGAF


Liberal America’s Single-Family Hypocrisy: Increasing the density of America’s cities is a crucial part of progressive city planning.
Why Don’t White Athletes Understand What’s Wrong With Trump?
Survival of the Fittest: The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Firm Exit
Parking in the nation’s capital is a giveaway to the rich
Susan Beschta, Punk Rocker Turned Judge, Is Dead at 67
Nancy Pelosi’s Gamble: The Speaker thinks impeachment is too risky, but so is the alternative.
Practical Impeachment Politics: Your Objections Are Bullshit
Pay Congress more: If we want a better legislature, we have to make the job more appealing.
Joe Biden’s Union Schtick Is All Performance. His Pollster Just Signed Up to Lobby Against Labor for Trump’s NAFTA 2.0.
Joe Biden Is a Bad Bet
I led a platoon in Iraq. Trump is wrong to pardon war criminals.
AOC and Bernie Put Postal Banking Back on the Agenda
International pushback disrupts Amazon’s momentum to expand its empire worldwide
Swarthmore College Bans Greek Life After Leaked Documents Show Culture Of Assault
Yes, drug-assisted treatment is needed for addicts in U.S. prisons
America’s Next Too-Big-To-Fail Bank
It Is Impossible To Control Corporations Without 90%+ Progressive Tax Rates
Joe Biden’s “Middle Ground” on Climate Change
Quit Lit
wE’rE a rEPuBLiC nOt A dEMoCRacY

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