Links 5/13/19

Links for you. Science:

The healthcare response to human trafficking: A need for globally harmonized ICD codes
When Measles Arrives: Breaking Down the Anatomy of Containment
Why Whales and Dolphins Join the Navy, in Russia and the U.S.
Economists flee Agriculture Dept. after feeling punished under Trump
Texas lawmaker calls vaccines ‘sorcery,’ verbally attacks prominent advocate


The Democratic Counterrevolution Has a Self-Appointed Leader: Josh Gottheimer (ugh)
It’s Time to Break Up Facebook
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders Team Up on Bank Legislation
If you work for Trump, expect to be ‘thrown under bus’
The Trump Hotel’s Liquor License Is Being Protested Again Over the President’s Character
Go-Go May Be Back At Metro PCS, But The Music Is Part Of A ‘New Age Of Rebellion’
Down and Out in the Gig Economy
Joe Biden’s comments from a 1973 City Club appearance show it may be hard to reconcile past with present
There Is No Way Donald Trump Actually Lost $1.17 Billion (what Barro misses is that the deductions he took might have been illegal; at least two tax attorneys who are experts in this area have stated this)
A man in a wheelchair couldn’t get to a wedding in a public park. This is what accessibility looks like 30 years after the ADA passed.
I’m an Elections Monitor. The United States Isn’t Like Other Countries.
What Have We Done to Deserve Meghan McCain?
Viktor Orbán’s War on Intellect
Workers Love AirPods Because Employers Stole Their Walls
After men in Spain got paternity leave, they wanted fewer kids
My comprehensive plan to end the opioid crisis (Warren)
Uber and Lyft may be making San Francisco’s traffic worse
Clinton-era politics refuses to die. Joe Biden is its zombie that staggers on

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