Links 5/9/19

Links for you. Science:

How vanishing lizards in Madagascar led to a troubling discovery about deforestation and climate change
The science divide: Why do Latino and black students leave STEM majors at higher rates?
RNA polymerase mutations cause cephalosporin resistance in clinical Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates
Mason bee houses are easy to find these days but most are poorly designed death traps. Please don’t buy them.
Graph analysis of fragmented long-readbacterial genome assemblies


Democrats Green Light Trump’s Authoritarian Ambitions
The “Free Speech” Cheat: Turning Point USA’s dark coup on college campuses
Has Donald Trump Committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors?
Make Debt Service You
Why Universal Health Care, Higher Wages, and Free Public Education Are Crucial Issues for Black Women
The Constitution Is on the Side of Jerry Nadler, Not William Barr
Blahous: M4A Would Not Change Total National Health Spending
Nick Bosa and the NFL’s Double Standards
Teacher retires from ‘toxic’ profession in Facebook post: ‘I will not miss what education has become’
Revitalizing Rural America (excellent policy from Sanders)
Army Investigating Soldier’s Alleged Leadership In Neo-Nazi Terror Group
If We Don’t Deal With Biden’s Career Of Corruption Now, During The Primaries, Trump Will Be Happy To In The General
Asleep at the Senate
App to report dangerous driving in DC sees spike following fatalities
The forgotten history of how Abraham Lincoln helped rig the Senate for Republicans
Democrats are facing a huge problem
The Case for Impeachment
‘I Can’t Afford It and I Never Will Be Able To’: Florida is poised to pass a law that imposes a ‘poll tax’ on thousands of formerly incarcerated people.

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  1. molly cruz says:

    This refers to Felon Voting or Not. Is it not true that in the US there is no taxation without representation? Were I a Felon, I would opt to not pay taxes, given the vote meddling that basically has ruined trust that any vote is counted.

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